A Springtime Heart (Promise Glen Series Book 2)

Marta Perry

Berkley Pub

July 7th, 2020

A Springtime Heart by Marta Perry is part of the Glen Promise series that delves into how people can change and the role of family. It is a story of restoration and healed relationships.  Perry allows the reader to understand the Amish culture through her intriguing characters. 

“When I started to write this series, I wanted to write each book with a different season.  The first book is set during Christmas, so it seemed logical to move this book on to spring. The next book will be set in the fall, titled A Harvest of Love. It is about a woman who never was able to have children and was coping on her own.  All of a sudden, she is left a baby to raise, which she must do with the child’s uncle.”

As a teenager, Dorcas Beiler had a reckless past.  She had done things she regrets.  But because of a good friend, Thomas Fisher, she never got into trouble. He assumed the blame for her, which cost him his family.  Because of the embarrassment and shame, he was exiled to his Uncle’s house in another area.  Now eight years later, Thomas has come back home hoping to reunite with Dorcas, his brothers, his parents, and to start a construction company. 

“I wanted to show the peculiarities in each family.  Thomas’ father expected the most out of his first born.  Because he was a minister he did not want his children to embarrass him.  Thomas’ father finds it hard to forgive and forget. Thomas is responsible, he has proven himself, and is now trying to rebuild relationships.  Unfortunately, he sees himself as an outcast.  A theme is trust.  Dorcas wonders if Thomas will keep her secret.  The father does not trust Thomas or his brothers.  Thomas also tells his young brother that he cannot lie and must form a trustful bond. Dorcas knew Thomas sacrificed for her.   Since the father was a leader of the community, it was very important to him that his family set a high example.”  

It is a powerful novel that show how relationships can change over time.  There is a lot of insight on how people view each other and modification of those feelings.  As an added bonus is the presentation of Amish culture from the glossary Pennsylvania Dutch words and phrases to how the Amish conduct themselves in everyday life.



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