Cold Light of Day

Missing in Alaska Book 1

Elizabeth Goddard

Revell Pub

Feb 7th, 2023

Cold Light of Day by Elizabeth Goddard takes readers on a roller coaster ride with betrayals, espionage, and murders in a small Alaskan town. 

“This is a new series.  I got the idea as I was doing the research for an earlier book, Deadly Target, in the previous series.  I came across this Podcast, “Missing in Alaska.” I started with the setting and then created a fictional town and the characters. I wanted to have a female police chief. I made sure I put in mysteries into the background of the hero and heroine.” 

The plot has both the hero and heroine having secrets and mystery surrounding their background.  Autumn Long is the police chief of Shadow Gap and must handle a crime spree where bodies are mounting up, a woman is missing, and her father almost killed.  While investigating a crime, she notices that a drowning woman was being saved by Grier Brennan.  Even though he has come to Alaska to stay anonymous, he decides to help the police chief get to the bottom of these crimes. The police chief welcomes his help since she thinks his background is either law enforcement or military. 

Besides keeping secrets from each other Autumn and Grier are trying to control their emotions and not get involved romantically.  Unfortunately, both realize there is a strong attraction, and their emotions get the better of them, which leads to attraction.

“She likes to throw verbal punches to Grier. Because the characters were thrown together with the danger, they become close, realizing they have a lot in common.  At first, they both try to avoid each other because each has a secret.” 

This story has a lot of suspense and drama.  The hero and heroine along with the rest of the community have readers turning the pages, wondering how the crime will be solved and what is their mysterious background. 



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