Deep Tide

Texas Murder Files Book 4

Laura Griffin

Berkley Pub

April 25th, 2023

Deep Tide by Laura Griffin is the fourth book in the “Texas Murder Files” series.  As with the other three, readers will not be disappointed.  The stories have likeable characters and intense action.

The heroine Leyla Breda is the sister of two local police officers, Joel, and Owen.  She meets the hero, FBI Special Agent Sean Moran, at the wedding of her brother Joel.  But Sean is also there as an undercover agent to investigate a tech billionaire believed to be associated with multiple crime syndicates. “She is guarded and does not wear her emotions on her sleeve.  She is cynical when it comes to relationships.  Sometimes she is prickly, competitive, and controlling. Leyla uses food to express her love for people.”

Leyla runs both a popular coffee shop and a pastry shop. After finding that one of her employees was brutally murdered, Leyla and Sean team up to find the killer.  She puts herself in dangerous situations which increase exponentially when she tries to help Sean with the undercover mission.

“She is immediately attracted to him.  Sean can chip away her hard exterior. He is protective of her but not in the same way as her brothers. They want to shield her from everything. He was tenacious while she was evasive. She does not have a lot of trust in men. At first, she writes Sean off, but he is persistent.”

Readers are awarded a bonus because there is not just one strong heroine in the story, but two.  Nicole Lawson is assigned as the lead detective on the case.  She is young, the only woman on the police force, and has great instincts.  At first, she and Sean butt heads, but over time they realize they can trust each other and begin to work together. Nicole and her partner Emmett discover that the murder could be linked to a case Sean is working on. 

Along with the budding romance between Sean and Leyla, there is intense action, suspense, and chemistry between characters that are off the charts. Readers will have to hold on to their hats as Griffin takes them on a thrilling roller coaster ride.



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