Network Of Deceit (Amara Alvarez Book 2)

Tom Threadgill

Revell Pub

Feb 2nd, 2021

Network of Deceit by Tom Threadgill brings back Detectives Amara Alvares and Jeremiah Peckham (aka Starsky). What makes these books interesting is how the detectives seek to find justice for the victims, becoming their voice. 

“My story starts with the first chapter and from there I decide what is going to happen.  I knew I wanted to set a murder in a water park.  I also decided to include videogamers, to hide in an alternate reality and become an alternate character.  It is a no brainer that most hacks happen after a user file is opened that should not be opened.  It only takes one person to click on a link.”

The plot begins when Amara gets a transfer to the homicide department, a goal she has been seeking for some time. As their newest member, she receives a fairly cool welcome from some of the squad who feel she has not “paid her dues”. They feel she was promoted too quickly as a result of her celebrity when she solved a high-profile case (the subject of the first book). She must prove that the death of a teenage boy at a water park was not accidental, but actually a homicide. Between the unfriendly work environment, a questionable homicide, a newly emerging family crisis, and a sudden problem with her credit cards and bank accounts, Amara has her hands full.

“Along with the hacking I wanted to highlight how digital currency is used, the choice for ransom ware.  There is now bit coins and Z cash.  We have given up the privacy issues without a fight and the war was lost before even being fought.”

This installment has tragedy, suspense, drama, humor, and a touch of romance, all deftly woven into a captivating tale.



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