Point Last 

Gothic Book 1

Christiana Dodd

HQN Publisher

July 26th, 2022

Point Last Seen by Christina Dodd blends mystery, action, with a tinge of romance. With her descriptive words she takes readers to the setting of Gothic, off the Big Sur coast.  This first in a new series has well developed characters and an intense plot where the setting plays a major role since everyone there has a dark past.

“The Gothic setting was a character.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and was captivated the first time I went up to Big Sur. This spring my husband and I drove up the coast.  I thought how Big Sur seems to be immune to civilization because I wanted a place where people could disappear, and lost souls could come there. I wanted to show how the ocean also played a role. It creates everything and is very dominant, controlling all the weather.  It is so primal and creates atmosphere for the story. One of my earliest memories is standing on a beach and my great aunt said, ‘don’t ever turn your back on the ocean.’ It can be scary and glorious. There are storms, frothy and frosty waves crashing against the rocky cliffs, with different colors, and the great sea breeze. The ocean plays with fate since it brought Adam and Elle together.”

Readers meet Adam Ramsdell, a town recluse by his own choosing.  He likes to keep to himself until one of the town’s residents needs help. One of the occupants, Madam Rune, a fortune teller, alerts him that he will find “a lost soul coming to challenge his being.”  While at the ocean he finds a body wrapped in plastic.  As he carries her over his shoulder Elle starts breathing. Realizing she is not dead he takes her to his place for refuge since she is badly bruised, and it appears she was strangled. Unfortunately, she cannot remember any details of what happened to her. In the meantime, she grows close to Adam and makes friends with other townspeople forcing Adam to come out of his shell. As her memory slowly comes back with the help of Adam and Madam Rune, they all realize how much danger Elle is in.  

“Although Elle is brilliant, she trusted the wrong person. Briefly traumatized. A strong sense of self. She can be resilient, smug, and witty. Contrast her with Adam who is a loner, tragically wounded.  I think this is Adam’s story.  He has good instincts, very cautious and alert. Protective, stoic, and compassionate. He is grieving and feels guilty. After they grew close, she became Adam’s salvation. Elle makes him interact with people.  He ends up terribly invested in her.”

Fans of Dodd will not be disappointed.  She combines into the story twists, emotions, and an edginess that will keep readers turning the pages.



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