Sea Glass Cottage

Hope Harbor Book 8

Irene Hannon

Revell Pub

April 5th, 2022

Sea Glass Cottage by Irene Hannon shows why she is such a talented writer. With both her genres she writes compelling and relatable characters.  This contemporary relationship story brings characters face-to-face with broken dreams.  There are two couples that struggle through a difficult past relationship but now have a second chance to find romance.

“I do write in two genres with both having a strong sense of romance. When I write stories I do not care about the genre.  I write about people, getting into their heads to find out their backgrounds and what makes them tick.  My approach to both genres is the same with the characters, but different with the plot. Suspense has danger and is a faster pace.  I write two books a year, suspense, and contemporary relationships. I like writing in both genres.”

The story begins with Christi Reece, a one-time golden girl, having her wealthy life turned upside down after she loses everything.  The only person she thinks that can help her is Jack Colby, a bestselling author who is also a policeman, and her former boyfriend who she jolted. Shortly after she arrives in the Oregon town a fog rolls in and she decides to take refuge in an abandoned cottage. But the next morning a police officer, none other than Jack, accuses her of trespassing.

“The “old” Christi was very self-centered, selfish, and without great perspective on what is important in life. The old Christi never thought ahead. The “new” Christi, after having traumatic issues in her life, discovered other parts of herself including being resilient with a greater sense of priorities. She has transformed, literally turning her life around, and changed dramatically from the person she used to be. She is now loyal, hardworking, and a strong person. She is very concerned about what direction her life will be going even though she has this inner sense of knowing who she is and what is important.” 

Forcing her to stay in town until it is resolved allows for Christi and Jack to try to address some issues that occurred eleven years before.  They end up working together after Jack realizes he needs Christi to help him with a case.  

“The new relationship must overcome the hurt caused in the past relationship. There is a quote that explains this, locks “kept unwanted visitors out-and unwanted emotions in.” It is a rediscovery of each other. It moves from Jack’s resentment to building trust and becoming friends. After an issue comes up Jack and Christi work together and he starts to see she has changed.  It becomes a story of forgiveness, building trust, and new beginnings.  The relationship has allowed me to explore the question, can people really change?”

Steve and Beth Adams, another couple in the Oregon small town, broke up and had become estranged after their son died.  There are hurdles they need to overcome, and forgiveness must play a key role if they are to get back together. Both Christi and Steve must show Beth and Jack that they have changed their ways. 

This story is about love, forgiveness, grief, and second chances. It is both heartwarming and inspirational. 



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