Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six

Lisa Unger

Nov 8th, 2022

Harper Collins Pub

Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six by Lisa Unger plays on people’s fears as a good thriller should. Included in the plot is genealogy research, DNA tests, murder, and jealousy.  The characters must struggle with these while visiting a secluded cabin.

“Usually, I can pinpoint one moment for the story idea. This one was more of a jumble of things that coalesced into the story.  I read an article in Modern Love that was about a man who in his youth was a sperm donor.  He later in life got curious and searched for his kids on an Internet site.  He met with two of his children who had the same mom.  He fell in love with the mom, and they got married. It got me thinking of family, how people are treated, and the idea of relationships. This was a much lighter and fluffier story than my plot.  It then propelled me to do research on DNA testing.” 

Six people close to each other with dirty secrets are going to a secluded cabin for an R & R weekend. The main character is Hannah, a good wife and mother who is determined and a problem solver.  For her birthday, her brother Mako and his wife Liza are paying for a vacation getaway for a cabin that has a spectacular view, a hot tub, and a private chef. Also invited is close family friend Cricket and her new boyfriend, Joshua, and of course Hannah’s husband Bruce. 

“I had the idea for the setting after my My husband and I during Covid took these vacations in a remote part of Georgia. We stayed in a cabin.  Even though we really enjoyed it I could not get over the isolation. I wondered about the lock code:  does everybody have the same one or do they change it?  As a thriller writer I must think about all these crazy things that could happen. I also enjoyed putting the nature scenes in the book, especially with the storm, since anything can happen.” 

But mother nature plays a role when a terrible storm rolls in causing all the electricity to go out in the cabin.  To make matters worse Liza has gone missing.  Hannah feels something sinister is happening and does not think these mishaps are a coincidence. What started as a dreamy weekend turns into a nightmare. It appears someone is determined to exact payback for an event long buried.

Hannah really cares a lot about her family, a devoted mother, wife, and sister. She values the role of being the family caretaker. She picks up after the mess left by someone in her family. She makes things right as things go wrong and keeps the family secrets. Hannah is responsible, a rule follower, and very determined.”

This book has multiple layers that come across through the different narrators and time periods.  The story is suspenseful and intriguing.  



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