The Secrets We Share

Edwin Hill

Kensington Pub

March 29th, 2022

The Secrets We Share by Edwin Hill is both a police procedural and a domestic thriller. Each character in the story has a secret, especially two sisters whose secrets go back to childhood. 

The book has two timelines, the past in the 1990s, and the present. The two sisters, Glenn and Natalie, share secrets going back to the murder of their father years earlier. Fast forward to the present day where Glenn’s twelve-year-old daughter, Mavis, discovers two dead bodies, her father and Glenn’s husband, and a body found in an abandoned warehouse she entered on a dare. Natalie, a detective, must now balance her loyalty to the law with her loyalty to her family as she investigates the murders. Both sisters realize they are being stalked, are left disparaging social media messages, notes, and clues. Besides the murder, the sisters must find the person out for revenge. 

“I wrote Natalie as an an awesome detective. Natalie likes to follow rules, procrastinates, is rigid, unyielding, and does not like to stand out. She had a childhood that stymied her growth.  She drinks too much because of the secrets she has carried from her childhood. Even off-duty, Natalie dresses like a Boston cop, preferring practical clothes and unfussy, pinned-up hair Angela White is Natalie’s boss, a lieutenant for the homicide unit. Angela has been in all my books, a tough no-nonsense lieutenant who bends the rules. 

She has a very good relationship with her sister, Glenn.”

“Glenn is a highly successful person, who pushes boundaries, is controlling, driven, bossy, and bold. Glenn has a baking blog.  She is standing at the cuff of fame. I hope I contrasted the way the two sisters look and view the world. Glenn has this red hair and Natalie is plain. Glenn, seems tailor-made for the spotlight, from her signature red mane to her camera-ready smile. Glenn’s daughter and Natalie’s niece is Mavis, a twelve-year-old.”

“Mavis is precocious, pushes the boundaries, and uses coping mechanisms to get through life.  Mavis compartmentalizes and is a methodical person.  She can envision where she will be in a few steps and goes through those steps to get there, which is why she is good at math and likes to play chess.” 

This is a fast-paced story full of twists.  The author hinted that there might be more in store for Natalie.



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