Wyoming Promise

Anna J. Stewart

The Blackwells of Eagle Springs Book 1

Harlequin Pub

July 26th, 2022

Wyoming Promise by Anna J. Stewart is the first book in a five-novel compilation.  Each month there will be a review of the next book in the series.  In September, there will be a review of A Wyoming Secret Proposal by Amy Vastine, October has Wyoming Rodeo Rescue by Carol Ross, November has Her Favorite Wyoming Sherriff by Cari Lynn Webb, and in December Melinda Curtis wraps everything up with Wyoming Christmas Reunion. In this series the authors take readers from Montana to Wyoming with another branch of the Blackwell family.

“This is the set up for the new series and features Corliss Blackwell, the oldest sister. Because of some hard times the ranch is in trouble financially. She is trying to save the family ranch with her siblings help. The other authors will continue with these characters. All the siblings will be in all the books because it is a family series at its core.  I have introduced all the characters except Wyatt.” 

The plot begins with Corliss Blackwell determined to save her family ranch, Flying Spur, from financial ruin. The only real solution is to ask her estranged Uncle Elias, known as Big E, for a loan.  But her grandmother Denny is dead set against her going to see her brother because she has had nothing to do with the family since she was nineteen. As Corliss heads to Montana, she is not alone.  Her best friend since childhood, Ryder Talbot, is going along for moral support.  After the two take off on their mission to save the ranch by seeing Uncle Elias, Corliss tells Ryder she fibbed and said he was her fiancé.

“Corliss is stubborn, has an attitude, determined, independent, likes to over think, a spitfire, and has fears. She is one of those people who expects the worst and hopes for the best. She is a lot like her grandmother as they complement each other. Her grandmother is very feisty, stubborn, defiant, proud, set in her ways, and is the ruler of the family. She has essentially had to reinvent herself after leaving her family when she was nineteen. They did not support her, so she went off and made her life her own. The ranch is her legacy.”

Ryder also has issues after losing his firefighter peers in a huge fire.  He also lost his divorced wife which means he will gain custody of their daughter, Olivia. To make sure the grandparents who have been taking care of Olivia do not object, he and Corliss get together for a marriage of convenience.  For the rest of the story sparks fly figuratively and literally between many of the characters.

“Ryder is honorable, loyal, patient, straightforward, and honest. He is not afraid to tell Corliss what he thinks.  They were friends, then more than friends, and ended up with a marriage of convenience. It is strong since they trust and respect each other implicitly even if they don’t agree with each other. Corliss needs to know she doesn’t have to handle everything on her own.” 

The story is told with humor, including the great bickering between the characters, and there are great plot twists. Although a few are unresolved at the end of this book, concluding with an unexpected cliffhanger, that will be continued in Book 2.  If the other authors write as great a story as Stewart, readers will be in for a treat.



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