On DVD from director Jac Mulder and Inception Partners and Media Group comes a film that tests all the borders – both physically and mentally with “Bordering on Bad Behavior.”

The film begins with the story of Baz (Bernard Curry), a soldier who is half Australian and half Lebanese visiting home with his family. On a walk with along the border he accidentally crosses on the Israeli side.

Without realizing it he walks into a building thinking it was the right meeting place but instead meets Bob (Tom Sizemore), an American soldier and unexpected Israeli soldier Ari (Oz Zehavi). All three are in surprise as Baz tries to escape, unfortunately the building goes on lockdown.

Bob is a good ole’ boy from Texas who keeps a fridge full of beer and attempts to keep the peace. Baz wants to figure things out without violence but has seen enough to know that may not be possible. Ari is Israeli Special Forces with serious anger issues with a story.

The timer is set for six hours and the three sworn enemies will either kill each other or find a way to work on their own issues – and all three have them!

Curry as Baz does an incredible job of maintaining control in an otherwise potentially bad situation. With a history of his own to tell and experiences that he has kept to himself, it seems that it would be fate to share with these men.

Zehavi as Ari is a man on the brink of a total melt down. He sees the world as a place where the enemy must be destroyed with no exceptions. His anger becomes even stronger when realizing he is locked up with an enemy.

Sizemore as Bob is the balm between these two men. Of course he isn’t the average peace maker but he does have a way about him that speaks the truths neither man wants to hear. It also helps that his medicinal approach is one heck of a way to break the ice!

Other cast include: Kym Jackson as Jewels, Scot Cooper as David, Roxanne Hayward as Sarah, Gal Ezra as Michael and Nadia Kretschmer as The Captain.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Bordering on Bad Behavior” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a stunning look at three men who all have issues with each other that are quite global. It is clear form the moment the door locks that this is a cultural intervention like no other.

These three characters played by these three actors is pure genius. When the door locks, these characters go full on with every emotion until they have exhausted themselves. Hate is a powerful emotion until it’s out in the open with all its brute ugliness and the truth behind it has a chance to tell its side of the story. Just beautifully written, performed and executed bringing “Bordering on Bad Behavior” to the top of my pile as a surprise film needing to be experienced.

There is such a mixture here of tragedy, anger, hatred over generations and to top it off – humor!

In the end — it will either be impending doom or a chance at life!



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