Coming to DVD from creator and executive producer Alan Spencer comes a comedy like no other when you take a BULLET TO THE FACE: The Complete DVD Series.

This series tells the stories of Gunter Vogler (Max E. Williams) a psychotic criminal who definitely has no shame. Along with his lover Martine Mahler (Kate Kelton) they are sent by Johann Tannhauser (Eddie Izzard) to rob a jewelry store.

But Gunter is asked to do even more! Martine is the girlfriend of boss Tannhauser and now he wants Gunter to kill her. That’s a little emotional for Gunter since Martine has just told him she is with child. As the robbery goes bad and bullets fly so it doesn’t matter much about Martine since its lights out for Gunter with a bullet to the face.

When Gunter wakes up he sees Lt. Karl Hagerman (Neil Napier) and Commissioner Eva Braden (Jessica Steen). Not understanding what’s happening, Braden gives him a mirror and screams fly! Gunter now has the face of the cop he had the shoot out with.

A bargain is struck – if Gunter can find the secret hideout of Tannhauser than they will give him his face back. That seems pretty simple right? Well you would be wrong. Tannhauser has more enemies than you can shake a head at with Racken (Eric Roberts) wanting the same information as the cops!

Gunter must go from villain to hero and he’s not going to make it easy on anyone!

FINAL WORD: Williams as Gunter is absolutely riveting to watch. He is quick, snarky, hilarious, inappropriate, witty and makes no excuses for any of it. Living with a cops face gives him plenty of moments to just let loose and at the same time there are moments where he becomes the thing he couldn’t stand before – a cop! Williams looks like he is having way too much fun, which is probably why he’s fun to watch.

Kelton as Martine is a cross between Morticia Gomez and Natasha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons and it is amazing! Martine is that woman you love to love because she’s dangerous but at the same time love to hate because she’s so good at it all. Kelton looks stunning in all her guises and handles a machine gun pretty good too.

Napier as Hagerman is a character I just couldn’t wait to see what he’d do next. Obviously distraught about his partner’s death there is something about their relationship that becomes clear quickly. Gunter sees it but everyone else has a blind-eye. Napier has some moments that are just too good to be ignored. Riding his bicycle out of the boss’ office is one such moment.

Izzard as Tannhauser is so creepy to watch. His characters agoraphobia only adds to the flair this character seems to have about everything. It’s not hard to see why Martine was with him – NOT! I love Izzard in everything he does and this character is perfect for him to embrace.

Roberts as mobster Racken certainly doesn’t like to be told what to do. He also doesn’t like the new way of doing things and makes it pretty clear. I really do love when Roberts gets a hold of a wacky role and takes it in for a total touchdown.

Steen as Braden is one woman with some serious issues. Sharing with Gunter her obsession with the man he looks like was a mistake because he spends the rest of the episodes torturing her. The repartee between the two is fast, furious and riotous.

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Other cast include: Christopher Heyerdahl as Lustig Balder, James Kidnie as Isaiah, Robert Naylor as Kalus, Maya Fuhr as Eve, Marcel Jeannin as Dortmunder, Helena Marie as Ms. Bartleby, and Mike Chute as Fassbinder.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give BULLET TO THE FACE: The Complete DVD Series three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is one of those comedies that is so hilarious but at the same times skates along the edge of propriety and can cut you one way or the other.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received this DVD but after six episodes let me say that I’m a fan absolutely. I love the in-your-face quips, the slight offbeat humor, the serious issues of the characters, and the righteous blast of the entire show.

The DVD contains all six episodes with Meet Gunter Vogler, Angel of Death, Drug of Choice, Thrice, The World Stage and Cradle to the Grave. The bonus feature includes commentary by executive producer Alan Spencer. Obviously the DVD contains adult themes but there are 135 minutes of adult themed fun!

In the end – is he good or is he bad, psychopath or sexy cad!



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