Opening in theatres this Friday from director Lee Hirsch, Where We Live Films and Weinstein Company comes a documentary on a subject that is getting wide spread attention with “Bully”.

This film tells the story of over 13 million American kids who will be bullied. Whether it be at school, online, or on the bus bullying happens. Now in the electronic age cyber-bullying happens on cells phones and through social media like Facebook.

The documentary BULLY speaks with the victims as well as perpetrators about bullying. As every school year begins, so does the frustration, shame and sad lives of those who live with the fear that they will be bullied.

Following the lives of Alex, Ja’Maya, Kelby and the Long family, this is a first hand look at their lives and how parents are bringing it all to the forefront.

FINAL WORD: “Bully” was initially rated R for its strong language. A lower rating was appealed for by The Weinstein Company because the film needs to reach the audience that it is intended for.

Talk show host Anderson Cooper who is a strong advocate against bullying featured a town hall special on “Anderson Cooper 360º”. Also speaking about the problem and affects of bullying were Kelly Ripa, Rosalind Wiseman and Dr. Phil McGraw.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Bully” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Although I think there were issued not covered that needed to be it doesn’t stop the film from having something to say – especially to those who need to hear it.

It is difficult at times to watch these kids go through all the things many of us have in our lifetime. The world has changed so much in the way we treat each other or how we perceive acceptable behavior that this film’s time has come.

The film does use the concept of what shame can do to force change but I’m not sure that really works (having raised four kids myself). I do wish there had been more follow through in regards to why the bully’s felt the need to bully. Almost seems like one of those questions that has no answer but still, I would like to have heard from them.

In the end – it’s time to take a stand.



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