Coming to DVD this week from director Albert Pyun, Marvel and Shout! Factory comes a flash back and a cult classic film that is CAPTAIN AMERICA.

This film tells the story of Steve Rogers (Matt Salinger), a World War II patriotic soldier who undergoes an experiment to become a super soldier ‘Captain America’. What he didn’t know was that Germany had their own super soldiers, aka Red Skull, whose goal is to destroy Captain America.

After a battle between the two super soldiers, Captain America is frozen in the ice for decades. When he is eventually found – it is time for him to once again be Captain America. This time it is the President of the United States, Tom Kimball (Ronny Cox) that is in need.

Red Skull and Captain America must once again come head to head to settle things once and for all.

FINAL WORD: Salinger as Rogers, aka Captain America, plays this character with charm to the hilt. He is humble and knows what is being asked of him. This had to be quite a feat for him to play the role of this iconic character.

Cox as the President is such a young actor here. Yes, I realize that this film was made in the 1990’s but still! He carries the role well and gives it a kick. It is fantastic to see Ned Beatty and Darren McGavin as well. These are two of the era’s best actors.

The graphics in the film are of the era and for those who are expecting amazing graphics this isn’t the film for that. Instead try to see it as the beginning of bringing super heroes to fans. This is the collector’s edition done in blu-ray, which is equally as cool.

SHOUT! Factory continues to bring DVD’s that are an addition to anyone’s pop culture library. You can find more selections at and pre-order the film at

Other cast include: Ned Beatty as Sam Kolwetz, Darren McGavin as General Fleming, Michael Nouri as Lt. Colonel Louis, Kim Gillingham as Bernice Stewart, Melinda Dillion as Mrs. Rogers, Francesca Neri as Valentina de Santis, Carla Cassola as Dr. Maria Vaselli, Massimilio Massimi as Tadzio de Santis, Wayde Preston as Jack, Garette Ratliff Henson as Young Tom Kimball and Scott Paulin as Red Skull.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CAPTAIN AMERICA three tubs of popcorn out of five. The best part of this movie is that its so hard to believe that’s what films looked like in the 1990’s! From the costumes to the cars I have to admit it took me aback to see the era in which I grew up.

That being said, fans of the films humble beginning will enjoy seeing it once again. The DVD has special features “looking Back At Captain America with director Albert Pyun and star Matt Salinger. It is done in 1080p High Definition and has a running time of 97 minutes.

The film is executively produced by Stan Lee and Joseph Calamari and based on characters created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby with an introduction by Kim Gillingham and Scott Paulin.

In the end – wherever he is, we are all back in the fight!

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