Coming from Time Life is the never-before-available television special brought to DVD as Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball come together for “Carol +2: The Original Queens of Comedy.”

Working with CBS, Carol Burnett needed a big star on board to get her own special. Of course she would call the one and only Lucille Ball who said “when do you need me there?” and greatness was born!

In March 1966, Carol +2 brought two of the most iconic redheads together for a “Broadway dynamo Zero Mostel for an hour of comedy and song”. From Carol’s wedding anniversary sketch with Mostel to working with Harvey Korman, Burnett also brings Lucy the cleaning lady who wants to be ‘charwoman of the board’ to a duet of Chutzpah.

Also on the DVD is the 1972 color television movie version of “Once Upon a Mattress,” which is a twist of Princess on the Pea. Joining her are Ken Berry as Prince Dauntless, Bernadette Peters as Lady Larken, Jack Gilford as King Sextimus along with Lucille Ball.

Time Life has brought this never before released anywhere classic collection of the series to fans. For more of what Time Life has to offer fans of classic television visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Carol +2: The Original Queens of Comedy” five tubs of popcorn out of five. Now it must be said that I am clearly bias because these two women brought me more laughs growing up than I could handle. Carol Burnett was a staple in our home as was Lucille Ball – but bringing them both together just made for a serious reason to bring the family in front of the television for a popcorn and soda night of laughs.

This 277 minute DVD is not for the weak of side as the laughs are going to put you down with giggles. These skits are blazing with fun, great costuming and audience laughter that sometimes even got to the stars performing. It is always great to watch them try not to crack up at each other.

You knew the evening was sadly over when Carol Burnett gave her iconic ear tug to her family but it also felt like she was saying ‘so long’ to each of us watching. Now, here again with the Time Life DVD, we can remember times with family but also create new fun and memories sharing what good comedy could be again.

That is what good comedy is missing, at least I feel, solid fun that brings funny to levels the whole family can enjoy. There was excitement to television knowing that we could all sit down together and talk about our favorite characters. Of course mine is all of them!

In the end — we are always glad to have this time together!



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