Opening in theatres today from directors Michael Apted, Curtis Hanson and Walden Media comes a true story about the beauty and dangers of CHASING MAVERICKS.

This film tells the story of Jay Moriarity (Jonny Weston), a young man who lives with his mother Kristy (Elizabeth Shue ) in Santa Cruz, California. With a love of the sea from an early age he meets Frosty Hesson (Gerard Butler) after being rescued from a wave by the surfer.

It doesn’t take long before Jay knows two things, that surfing is his passion, and he loves Kim (Leven Rambin), friends since childhood. One day he follows his neighbor further up the coast only to see Frosty and his friends surfing waves that he never knew existed.

Jay convinces Frosty to train him for the next season of waves but with conditions. Thos conditions teach Jake the value of his life, but an appreciation for the ocean he loves. Jay also experiences a family with Frosty, wife Brenda (Abigail Spencer) and kids that means a lot to him.

When the time comes, Jay brings all of his emotions together to take on the wave of his dreams

FINAL WORD: Weston is very good as the main character of Jay. There is a naïve look about him absorbing everything he can about life. When the chance comes to finally take on a maverick, it is almost as if Weston grows up before our eyes both emotionally and spiritually.

Butler gets a chance to also dig deep emotionally and comes out a winner. Taking this young man under his wing, although hesitant in the beginning, is a growing experience for both teacher and student. The scene between Weston and Butler just before surfing the maverick is quite touching and very emotional.

Spencer as Brenda is amazingly supportive of her sometimes emotionally shut off husband. Her support and love are obvious as she also takes Weston’s character into their family. Rambin as Kim is very sweet and once Jay comes clean with his feeling towards her these two being together is inevitable.

Very cool to see Elizabeth Shue once again. On an emotional roller coaster of her own, the relationship Kristy has with her son is actually quite beautiful.

Other cast include: Taylor Handley as Sonny, cooper Timberline as Young Jay, Maya Raiines as Roquet, Harley Graham as Young Kim, Jenica Bergere Zeuf, and James Cotton as Frank.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CHASING MAVERICKS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Based on the story of Jay Moriarity it is wonderful to see Weston capture the same love of not only surfing, but also a respect for the sea. Personally I think audiences will believe it for that very reason.

The cinematography is absolutely stunning or maybe I’m a tad partial because I adore Santa Cruz and live near the ocean for obvious reasons. The cast is a strong one and the pairing of Butler and Weston bring such credibility to the story the directors are trying to tell.

Telling the story of this young man’s could have been difficult, but together the chemistry, story and cinematography bring on amazement and celebration of Jay Moriarity’s short life.

In the end – legends start somewhere!



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