Coming to theatres from director Jay Alaimo and comes the story of a family that has to adjust to the CHLORINE.

This film tells the story the Lent family. Cynthia (Flora Cross) is a young girl coming of age in a family that is full of dysfunction. Father Roger (Vincent D’Onofrio) works for a bank and mother Georgie (Kyra Sedgwick) is trying to keep up with the Jones’ wives. Brother Henry (Ryan Donowho) is just trying to keep it together trying to invest in a future of his own.

Roger doesn’t get the raise the family was hoping for and is feeling threatened by the boss. He is told to bring in new business or things are going to get even rockier. Georgie is not happy with this news but that doesn’t stop her from spending like they’ve got it hanging around Katherine (Elisabeth Rohm).

Doug (Jordan Belfi) brings information to Roger about an investment convincing him that $100,000 will get his family back on financial track. What Roger doesn’t know is that Doug is himself in financial trouble with Ernie (Tom Sizemore). So he ‘borrows’ from Pat (Phys Coiro) but no evil deed ever goes unpunished.

This is a town of wheelers, dealers and those looking to turn the tide in their favor for a change!

FINAL WORD: Cross as Cynthia is so sweet. Just trying to fit into a family that seems to be out of sync she seems the stable one! Her big start to the film is every teen girls nightmare, meets in the middle with love and ends with hope that even her family can be ‘normal’.

Donowho as Henry is a young man who doesn’t know what he’s suppose to be doing out of college. Still living at home he is sucked into a bad situation. Donowho keeps it simple and sometimes simple is perfect.

Sedgwick as Georgie is just going through a midlife crisis that includes a Harley, drinking and shopping. Wanting the life with other wives have she suggests a solution that gets the ball rolling – whether she really meant it or not. Sedgwick is funny and sad at the same time.

D’Onofrio as Roger is a man on the verge of total crazy meltdown. Trying to be a good father, husband and provider he gets lost in the mire trying holding everything together. When a bad decision comes into play, he finds a way to bring it back around and reclaim the family he loves. D’Onofrio brings this character back from the brink and I loved it.

Other cast includes: Britt Napier as Binky, Tristine Skyler as Trudy, Eddie Guerra as Ted, Matt Ball as Josh, Brian Petsos as Anderson, Dreama Walker as Suzi, and Michele Hicks as Elise.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CHLORINE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a black comedy where from one moment to the next things change. The six degrees of separation that goes on with the characters can put the viewer easily into a tizzy!

The best thing is that it’s a thrill keeping up with them. Wanting the bad to get their just rewards and the good to come out on top is what makes this interesting because ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is in the eye of the viewer (I’d like to think anyway). There is so much more to the film but telling all definitely will ruin the enjoyment.

The cast works amazing well together to pull off CHLORINE with witty writing from director Jay Alaimo, Matt Fiorello and Peter Tannenbaum.

In the end – drowning can easily be a group sport!



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