On Bluray this week from director/writer Lu Chuan and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a tale of what lurks in caves of history with “Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe.”

Working to remove a fossil from the caves on the Mongolian border in 1979, Hu Bayi (Mark Chao) lugs the dirt and rocks till he falls. Opening his eyes he takes in the beauty of Ping (Yao Chen), a young woman who is also working on the caves. Taken with her, his hopes are slightly dashes when he’s told that she is the daughter of Professor Yang (Wang Qingxiang) who is helping with the cave excavation.

When an explosion devastates the cave, Yang is only one of a few survivors who wants to get back into the cave when he suddenly disappears!

Fast forward to now; Hu Bayi is a librarian studying quietly trying to discover what happened in 1979. Those answers will be coming quickly when Professor Yang is found wandering in the desert and a young woman with amnesia has been found in the Cyclopean Temple.

Hu Bayi knows that they all must return to the temple as the chain reaction has something to do with he and Ping. Hiding in the local mining town, giant creatures are hunting them all down before they can stop the release of more chaos and begin the legend of the Ghostly Tribe.

Chao as Hu Bayi is a an all around character from having his silly moment, puppy love moments and crazy moments but more importantly – his brave moments. He is not the typical hero which makes me cheer for him even more.

Chen as Ping has the opportunity to play two different characters which is very cool. Being the daughter of a professor doesn’t save you from weird things happening and Chen’s character proves it. She is a strong character to watch but I’ve been a fan since “Color Me Love” and “Firestorm.”

Qingxiang as Professor Yang isn’t just digging for fossils in 1979 because he already knows the legend and temple buried deep underground. Not telling Ping and Hu Bayi the real reason for digging is the thing that tests them all.

Other cast include: Jin Chen as Yang’s mother, Li Feng as Fat Wang Kaixuan, Chen Li as Mr. Wang, Guangjie Li as Officer Han, Yan Tang as Weiwei, Rhydian Vaughan as Chen Dong, and Deshun Wang.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This film has about everything you’d want in a film with action, mythology, legend, creatures and even comedy.

The story sets up very well leading from the past to the present without skipping a beat. I just love the special effects in the temple and the creatures but then again I’m a kid at heart when it comes to that part of telling a good yarn. The Bluray film comes in at 123 minutes and in Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles available.

This is definitely a fun film to experience with director Lu at the helm. He has a few other films that I have enjoyed including “City of Life and Death” (2009) and “The Last Supper” (2012).

In the end — the battle for Earth has begun!



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