Out on DVD from MTI Home Video and director/writer Gregory Orr is a tale of seeing double with CLONED: THE RECREATOR CHRONICLES.

This film tells the story of Tracey (Stella Maeve), Craig (Alexander Nifong) and Derek (J. Mallory McCree), three teenagers out for a weekend camping trip. On a secluded island it’s their chance to have a little fun before Derek takes off for his time in the military.

Getting to the island Tracey begins to realize that roughing it isn’t all its cracked up to be. On the hill she sees a house deciding that a shovel and a roll of toilet paper do not a bathroom make! Finding the key she makes herself at home.

Craig isn’t to happy about the harmless breaking and entering, that is until later on in the night when a lightening storm sends them rushing for the warmth of a house! The comforts of home has them sleeping like babies.

A little too much so as the owners Frank (John de Lancie) and Elizabeth (Laura Moss) come home. That is when the teens see things that shouldn’t be real. Before long each one is standing face-to-face with their double – but how?

That’s when the mystery of the island takes a hold and the “original” teens must discover what is in store for them by their clones. Staying one step ahead of your self isn’t as easy as it seems!

FINAL WORD: Lets start with Maeve as Tracey – she’s a firecracker that’s for sure! There is a tipping point with her character that I wasn’t sure if I liked her or the clone better! She is edgy and curious knowing that the clones can’t be trusted. Maeve has the steely eyes keeping the viewer off kilter.

Nifong as Craig gets a great opportunity to play both sides of himself in completely different ways. As Craig he is quiet and contemplative but as Craig #2 he is arrogant, completely full of himself and charismatic.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles three tubs of popcorn out of five. This isn’t a half bad storyline actually and the cast plays it well.

In the end – you can be replaced!

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