Opening in theatres this Friday from directors tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski and Warner Bros. Picture comes a look at CLOUD ATLAS.

This film tells the story of the connectedness of our world. From the past to the present and the effects on the future are followed. In these six interconnected stories, from a diary dated in the 1800’s, to the future of automation, to finding love in the most unexpected places, and the secrets of a power plant, which get the attention of Luisa Rey (Halle Berry).

There she meets Isaac Sachs (Tom Hanks) as they try to unravel the secrets behind the death of a scientist, his diary and why it all seems familiar. It is a journey of hope, salvation, love, choices and destiny.

FINAL WORD: There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks can’t do – and do well. His films always make me laugh, cry and think in ways I perhaps wouldn’t. In CLOUD ATLAS he has once again proven why audiences flock to the theatres when a film includes Hanks. In this film he takes on the task of several roles including: Dr. Henry Goose, Isaac Sachs, Dermot Hoggins, Zachry and others.

Halle Berry has always managed to do well in films. Here she is given the opportunity to also play many roles including Jocasta Ayrs, Luisa Rey, Ovid and Meronym. As the reporter looking for answers she is totally in the moment even though her character travels to the past through the future. The audience will have a fun time figuring out who is playing what by the films end.

Audiences became more aware of actor Jim Broadbent in his role in the Harry Potter films but here the same audience will see what magnificent range he has. Also playing several roles to include Captain Molyneux, Vyvyan Ayrs, Timothy Cavendish and Prescient 2.

Hugo Weaving is one again paired with the directors Wachowski as he played Smith in THE MATRIX trilogy. Here he is Haskell Moore, Tadeusz Kesselring, Bill Smoke, and Old Georgie to name a few.

Jim Sturgess gets to stretch as well playing Adam Ewing, the Highlander, Hae-Joo Chang and Adam. For the future Doona Bae is given the role of Tilda and Sonmi-451 and 351 and does with such expression and innocence.

Hugh Grant is Rev. Giles Horrox, Lloyd Hooks and Denholme Cavendish and is magnificent in all of the roles he plays. It is wonderful to see Susan Sarandon as Madame Horrox, Yusouf Suleiman and Abbess.

Other cast include: David Gyasi as Autura/Lester Rey/Duophsyte, Robert Fyfe as Old Salty Dog/Mr. Meeks. Prescient1, Martin Wuttke as Mr. Boerhaave/Guard/Leary the Healer, Xun Zhou as Talbot/Yoona-939/Rose, James D’Arcy as Rufus Sixsmith, Keith David as Kupaka, Joe Napier and Prescient, and Ben Whisshaw as Robert Frobisher/Geoprgette.

One personal side note is please make sure that whatever theatre you see CLOUD ATLAS in the seat is comfortable, the length of the film requires it. This is a film to be experienced in a good way, not a painful one.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CLOUD ATLAS four tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes this is an extremely long film and it does take time to adjust to the speed of the stories and how they are interconnected. Be patient, it does happen. In fact it happens when you least expect it.

Interestingly enough, CLOUD ATLAS will have you thinking, a lot, after the film is finished. There are so many things that become clearer once away from the barrage of information. The connections happen so randomly and the storyline becomes so clear that I truly do wish to see it again.

The ensemble cast is brilliant and the cinematography is a story in itself. This really is a visual feast for the eyes and mind.

In the end – everything is connected.



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