On DVD from Hasbro Studios and SHOUT! Kids Factory is a case worth solving with the hit miniseries come to your home with CLUE: A Movie Mystery Adventure.

Six teenagers Dimitri, Liz, Lucas, Agnes, Seamus and Whitney are at a party having fun. That is until they witness something very strange in the window across from the party. The police are called but yet they find nothing!

That puts the kids in trouble with their school, including Lucas whose father is the principal. They come together to solve the mystery that no one else believes happened! Adam Ellis and daughter Sara are the beginning of their mystery but as they dig deep they find a connection with Nikolas Tesla and the key to secrets.

Right behind them are two men who have orders to stop them but these aren’t ordinary teens!

FINAL WORD: This is a very cool program indeed! Watching it with a friend’s 12 year old, she was fasinated with the story line and the characters. Each had something to bring to the friendship table.

That’s very important when watching a family program. CLUE: A Movie Mystery Adventure is definetly a film that the whole family will enjoy. Filled with mystery, adventure, intrigue and a dash of creepiness that is fun!

Cast includes: Raven Metzner, Sterling Beaumon, Sarah Desjardins, Kendall Ferguson, Ana Golja, Stephan James and Zach Mills.

Hasbro Studios brings entertainment and storytelling through television and film. Hasbro are known for their iconic brand including TRANSFORMERS, MY LITTLE PONY, LITTLEST AND PET SHOP.

SHOUT! Kids Factory brings the best to fans offering up feature films, classic television series, animation and specials. For more of what they have to offer go to HYPERLINK “http://www.shoutfactory.com” www.shoutfactory.com.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CLUE: A Movie Mystery Adventure four tubs of popcorn out of five. What a fantastic way to spend family time watching a well thought out storyline done with great cinematography. The cast works together so well and mesh well together as a team – just like the plot!

The film also does something very special – it shows the importance of friendship, loyalty, and serious problem solving which, again, goes to good casting and fine acting from the cast.

I found it endearing with their homage to the original CLUE calling each other character names like Col. Mustard and Professor Plum. There is a mixture of fun, mystery, humor and suspense to it’s final conclusion!

In the end – can you solve the case?



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