Coming to DVD from director Valeri Milev and Entertainment One comes a world falling into a viral plague under CODE RED.

This film tells the story of the world after a secret nerve gas resurfaces seventy years after World War II. The biochemical weapon shows up in Bulgaria and the towns’ people are turning into flesh eating zombies.

US Special Forces Captain John McGahey (Paul Logan) must do what he can to save those not infected but that isn’t going to be easy. NATO Dr. Ana Bennett (Manal El-Feitury) along with her young daughter Miriam (Mya-Lecia Naylor) are split up when the town panics.

Miriam is found and protected by McGahey with a promise to help find her mother. Dr. Bennett is frantic and finds help from Harold Miller (Julian Kostov). Everything around them is falling apart and there is only one things left to do…

…run for their lives!

FINAL WORD: Logan is everything you’d expect not only from a military soldier but an action hero. He is big, dark, brooding and really good at using weaponry and now he gets to use all of this to take out the undead! There aren’t any snappy ‘I’ll be back’ lines here but instead right into the action from beginning to end.

El-Feitury as Dr. Bennett is trying to start a new life with her daughter. When the outbreak hits she is more in Mom mode than doctor mode. Nothing wrong with that when you have a bunch of freaky flesh eaters out to catch anything that moves! Focusing on finding her daughter she gets serious!

Naylor as Miriam is a tough little kid! This little actress shows the right amount of fear and equally the right amount of moxy to take on the rabid chasers. There is a lot to be said for being that young when a viral plague like this takes hold.

Kostov as Miller is the Dr.’s only hope of finding her daughter. He kicks it into high gear and gets tough himself.

Other cast include: Valentin Ganev as the General, Georgie Staykov as Rusev, Valeri Yordanov as Hans, Elitsa Razheva as Katrina, Velizar Binev as Nitchev, and Forbes KB as General Owen.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CODE RED three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a good zombie film filled with lots of action and some killer creatures. The special effects are pretty graphic but not cheesy so I don’t mind at all when a mutant loses their head.

This is definitely a DVD to have in the zombie collection (of which I am a huge fan of!) The DVD includes a Making-Of Featurette, WWII Uncut, a behind-the-scenes and outtakes, which are always cool to see.

In the end – with a Code Red they all must die!



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