From Oscilloscope and director James Ward Byrkit comes a film testing all reason and COHERENCE.

This film tells the story of Emily (Emily Baldoni) and boyfriend Kevin (Maury Sterling). Attending a dinner gathering at Mike’s (Nicholas Brendon) house they are joined by Kevin’s ex-Laurie (Lauren Maher). Needless to say that adds a little spice to the gathering.

During dinner there is more excitement as a comet is sighted and power is interrupted. Down the street however, there is a house that has power. When they arrive there is a huge freak factor as they discover it is – Mike’s house.

As the evening goes on there are notes left and moments of déjà vu as there is only one answer – the comet has caused their worlds to become parallel with another, and exact other.

FINAL WORD: Foxler as Em bring her character into the twilight zone for sure. She has the guts to find out what the others only want to talk about. I have to say her character has me nervous from start to finish. Nothing better than a dinner party where the ex shows up but that’s the very least of your worries.

Sterling as Kevin has no problem saying what’s on his mind. He brings strength in the midst of the world going slightly out of sink. I’ve enjoyed his performances in other films but love his performance in COHERENCE.

Each of the cast brings something totally unique to the film. Watching each of them fall apart in different ways adds such a diverse dimension. It is not just a story of parallel universes interrupting a wonderful evening with friends, it is also an intense story of what fear does to human beings.

Other cast include: Elizabeth Gracen as Beth, Alex Manugian as Amir, Hugh Armstrong as Hugh and Lorene Scafaria as Lee.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give COHERENCE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. It is truly a thrill to see a movie that isn’t a cookie cutter of what’s on screens now. This is well done, well filmed and a isn’t boggled down by special effects but instead just immersed in good storytelling.

This is director Byrkit’s first theatrical release and he chose to film in his own home. Trying a technique that required him to choose improvisational actors, he gave them the outline of character, motivation and plot points. What came from this is an amazing collaboration wrapped up in twists and turns that are very well done.

If you’re looking for something out of the norm (and in a good way) that not only gives pause but rattles your brain at the same time – give COHERENCE your utmost attention!

The film has won awards as “Next Wave Best Screenplay” at the Austin Fantastic Fest, “Maria Award for Best Screenplay” at Sitges Film Festival, “Carnet Jove Jury Award” at the Sitges Film Festival, “Black Tulip Award” by Imagine Film Festival and “Imagine Movie Zone Award” (Special Mention) from the Imagine Film Festival.

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In the end – rearrange your brain!



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