‘Cold War III’

William Craig Reed, the author of the non-fiction book “Cold War III: How the U.S. Navy can Defeat Putin and Halt Climate Change,” uses his experiences as a U.S. Navy diver, submarine weapons technician, and espionage photographer, to write a compelling narrative. The book explores the global currency war.

In the book, Reed exposes Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to dominate world resources, especially in the Arctic, and why the invasion of Ukraine is only the beginning. Reed also reveals details about a scientific breakthrough by the U.S. Navy that could defeat Putin, create jobs, and mitigate climate change. But unless world leaders act now, Putin’s plan could plunge the free world into a nightmare scenario of poverty, despair, and chaos not seen since the Great Depression.

He explained how the threats of Putin and climate change are not divergent topics.

The U.S. economy was taken off the gold standard in 1971 and created the Petro dollar, having the energy trade paid only with dollars. If energy goes up so does the demand for the dollar, but the reverse is also true. China, Russia, and Iran are trying to get the trade based on their currency, not the dollar. In October, a portion of the currency to be used will be the yuen, China’s currency, and Russia’s rubles. These nations are already cooperating as evidenced with the $400 billion gas deal. There is also the Northern Sea Route where ships must now pay a fee to Russia. Reed sees the growing importance of this seaway because of climate change: “less than a decade ago approximately six ships went past the Northern Sea route, past the coast of Russia, while today over 1000 ships go through it because there is less ice.”

His premise is explained with the example he cited that someone selling lemonade will only exchange it for peanuts. Then everyone has to find a peanut seller who gives dollars for peanuts and becomes wealthy. But, if the lemonade seller starts to accept another currency the peanut seller gets no more income. This is what will happen to the U.S. economy, people will lose jobs, home values will drop, and the economy will tank.

The main theme of the book is the need for innovation. The technology from the Naval Research Lab, trying to create fuel from the carbon in the ocean, if successful will once again make America stronger by creating more jobs, lowering the carbon footprint, while helping the overall U.S. economy.



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