Coming to theatres and available on iTunes, DirecTV and iN-Demand from director/writer Paul Leyden and Freestyle Releasing is COME BACK TO ME.

This film tells the story of Sarah (Katie Walder) and Josh (Matt Passmore), a couple living in the suburbs. After a car accident, Sarah begins having strange blackouts. She confides in friend Leslie (Laura Gordon) who tries to discover the cause.

Moving in across the street is Dale (Nathan Keyes), a young man who works at the local supermarket. Sarah and Josh pay their new neighbor a visit to welcome him. A quiet young man, Dale has a history that includes mother Eileen (Maura West) that still haunts him.

But her condition isn’t getting any better and, in a surprise for the couple, Sarah learns she is pregnant. As her nightmares increase so do the terrors that she can not understand. Putting cameras in her home to find out what happens when she blacks out will change the lives of everyone around her.

Their lives are about to be torn apart by a secret that is unimaginable!

FINAL WORD: Walder as Sarah gives a stellar performance. It’s almost impossible to imagine what any of us would do having similar nightmares. I don’t know anyone who would have taken it as well as she does. Taking matters into her own hands I don’t hesitate to say that cheering for Walder’s character is a must – and yes I did.

Passmore as Josh has a difficult time understanding what his wife is going through. Making that worse is knowing that her pregnancy is not exactly going to help the marriage. (NO, I don’t do spoilers). Passmore’s character is intense, as one would expect, and as the story moves in deeper he digs in to the shocking end.

Keyes as Dale is just as creepy as he wants to be. Granted his childhood wasn’t the most spectacular but it’s clear that his young adulthood isn’t much better. Without giving anything away (because I refuse to), Keyes turns in an amazing performance and trust me when I say I won’t be letting grocery guys carry stuff to my car for me ever again! Thanks for that!

West as Eileen has a story to tell and gets the chance to do so. Telling her story is done exceptionally well and had me riveted. Gordon as Leslie is the only other person for Sarah to turn to. Confused by it all but understanding, she stands by her friend.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give COME BACK TO ME four tubs of popcorn out of five. What an originally creepy idea for a film. Not based in huge amounts of CGI (which will always get good marks from me), instead the story unfolds gradually and with tons of suspense.

I honestly spent a good amount of time trying to figure out the mystery of it all and would never have expected such an ending. If you’ve ever wondered, that’s how you know a film is well done, when you are racking your cranium with question upon question.

This is the type of thriller we love to watch. A great storyline, with a cast that performs extremely well bringing the viewer into the mystery, COME BACK TO ME is definitely worthy of our attention – and yours as well!

COME BACK TO ME is based on the novel “The Resurrectionist” by Matthew Guinn, it is a book I plan to read right away.

In the end

– be careful who you live next to!

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