On DVD from MHZ Networks comes a series based on the international best selling crime novelist Donna Leon with COMMISSARIO BRUNETTI.

This series tells the story of Guido Brunetti (Uwe Kockisch), a police inspector in Venice who is surrounded by family, co- workers and some of the most interesting cases! From mysteries of glass to strange family members, Brunetti is in the middle of it all.

With wife Paola (Julia Jager) who is a university professor and kids Raffi (Patrick Diemling) and Chiara (Laura-Charlotte Syniawa), the family is his center. Co-workers include the clever Signorina Elettra (Annett Renneberg), Sgt. Vianello (Karl Fischer) and Sgt. Alvise (Dietmar Mossmer) with Vice-Questore Patta (Michael Degen)

Set in the beautiful city of Venice, Brunetti follows every lead until the mystery is solved!

FINAL WORD: Kockisch as Brunetti is such a complex character. As an inspector he has the instinct necessary to unravel the people around him and not jump to conclusions. He knows what’s right and what’s wrong with no gray area. There is also a sadness about Brunetti that Kockisch plays extremely well. But as the season goes there are moments where the sadness is to contemplative its like he can’t move forward until he sees the moment through.

Jager as Paola is an amazing woman to my way of thinking. She allows Brunetti to be exactly who he is and it’s amazing to watch. This actress knows her characters worth and that’s a slim commodity in story telling these days. Diemling as Raffi is so lovely in the episode about his grandmother and with sister Syniawa as Chiara they seem to enjoy their family life. It is a bonus to learn about the family and see their dynamic.

Degen as Patta is just hilarious but in an endearing way. It is clear he loves what he does and is always trying to make his position better, even if he sometimes goes about it in such odd ways. Degen does a wonderful job.

Renneberg as Elettra is the brains behind all the guys in the police station. I love how this character lets the men be men but when it comes to detail, Elettra is on it! Renneberg is such a caring and decent woman but equally as intelligent and on the ball – again, a strong female presence here.

Fischer as Vianello is a very cool sidekick for Brunetti. He truly does learn from the best and doesn’t hesitate to take initiative at times and however twisted, manages to untwist it! Mossmer as Alvise is like the hall monitor of the office!

In THE GLASS DARKLY episode two glass making families are discovered using chemicals that are illegal. As people begin turning up dead, Brunetti gets into the case and when not keeping an eye on his Aunt Sophia, is solving the case with the help of Vianello.

In the SUFFER THE CHILDREN episode, a pediatrician has been beaten in his own home and Brunetti will discover is because of the potential illegal adoption of the couples child. Brunetti is on the case to unravel the mystery of who is responsible and how it couple happen.

In THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS episode, Brunetti’s family is dealing with the death of his beloved mother. A call comes to Brunetti to take his mind off his sadness when a young girl is found and no one knows who she is. The case seems easy enough but in Venice, nothing is as easy as it seems.

In the LOOKS ARE DECIEVING episode, crime comes very close to home, as Brunetti’s father-in-law seems to be dealing with some shady individuals. But a lovely woman and her husband have a secret that is connected to all the dealings and Brunetti must check out every lead for his family’s sake.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give COMMISSARIO BRUNETTI four tubs of popcorn out of five. Set in the beautiful city of Venice viewers are treated to some of the most picturesque views by boat and by foot around the city. The storytelling here is in depth and filled with twists and turns. Not everything is laid out so easily which I love in the mystery of the series. The cast works together to brilliantly they truly do make it look easy.

Brunetti is so human with emotional flaws and a huge conscience about the treatment of others. He tries to reason with people, has a home life that keeps him balanced and it all happens in a city that is seen from the waters edge. There really is a lot to enjoy here.

Writer Donna Leon spent time in Venice as a professor until turning toward writing full time. All the stories written for the COMMISSARIO BRUNETTI have Venice as its central theme. Written in English the novels have been translated into many languages. She is also the winner of the CWA Macallan Silver Dagger for Fiction as well as so many other awards. Born in New Jersey she has lived in Venice for thirty years. For more on the author go to www.donnaleon.net.

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In the end – he strives to bring criminals to justice!

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