Carey Baldwin has ventured into the thriller realm with her latest book, Confession.

Having two doctoral degrees in medicine and psychology she is able to provide a realistic look for this psychological drama. She is hoping to use this book as a springboard into the series with the supporting cast.

The plot has psychiatrist Faith Clancy getting the shock of her life when her first patient confesses to the grisly Saint serial murders. By law she’s compelled to notify the authorities, but is her patient really The Saint? Or will she be sending an innocent man to the death penalty by turning the wrong man over to the police? She has moved to Santa Fe for a new beginning: a new home, a new psychiatry practice, an opportunity to make new friends and, most importantly, distance from her extended family.

The ethical questions explored in the story concern the requirement by law for a psychologist/psychiatrist to notify the authorities of a confession that affects society. She wonders if the confession is indeed the truth or is she turning in the wrong man that will lead to the death penalty. Faith uses all her wits and the help of a powerful adversary, Luke Jericho, in attempting to unravel the truth. In doing so she opens up a can of worms where she herself could be the next victim.

Baldwin told, “I definitely had clients where I became uncomfortable and was thinking about my responsibilities to my patient versus the responsibility to the public. I relied on the literature about psychopaths and my past profession on how psychotherapy would proceed under those circumstances. There are morale lessons throughout the book, whether it’s Faith relying on her professional instincts, the police, her investigative partner, or a family left behind. I hope the readers will understand that trust is a very important component of any relationship.”

She gave a heads up about her next book. Dr. Catilin Cassidy, a forensic psychiatrist and FBI profiler Atticus Spenser, characters who made a cameo appearance in Confession will be the main characters in her next book. In the current book they are formidable foes that dislike each other and butt heads. In the next book they will be working together on a case involving the death penalty.

Confession is a suspenseful thriller that has many twists and turns. It is an interesting read for anyone who wants to understand the mind of a serial killer.



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