Coming to theaters, digital and VOD this Friday from director Josh Forbes and IFC Films is “Contracted Phase II.”

The virus from “Contracted” is spreading! Samantha’s (Najarra Townsend) demise has Riley (Matt Mercer) showing her very same symptoms. Now that Riley is infected, he has very little time to become an infected-detective.

Believing that a man named BJ (Morgan Brown) is responsible for what happened to Samantha, Riley isn’t the only one looking for him. Detective Young (Marianna Palka) is also looking for a connection.

As they get closer to discovering the origins of the virus – no one is safe – NO ONE!

Mercer as Riley panics from moment one, and to be quite honest who wouldn’t? He knows this isn’t a simple flu bug and how to get rid of the crud is going to take up all his life – what’s left of it. Mercer does a great panic face trying to keep everyone safe. I have to be honest and say it’s difficult to compete with Townsend’s original Samantha character storyline so I give him props for doing so.

I give “Contracted Phase II” three tubs of popcorn out of five. Yes, this is exactly what you expect from a sort of zombie life ruining any hope of a relationship – ever! There is the zoned out looks followed by the creepy skin changes and, of course, dead-but-not thing happening. Top that off with the brain cravings and you have a world crisis.

I’m a zombie fan so I enjoyed watching the story unfold waiting to see who is going to get a little to friendly in time to run like crazy the other way. The special effects are pretty cool, the oozing and bloody smiles are a there with a wonder if there will be more to come.

Do you need to see the first film “Contracted?” No, not really but it does allow you to flow from one film to the other. This is a storyline that would be cool as a television series or perhaps Netflix because the potential for expanding the storyline is really there.

The ending goes from bite to bullets which has the ‘oh hellz to the no’ moments that I love about watching zombie films. So pack up fellow zombie lovers and get ready to get “Contracted Phase II!”

In the end — protection is out of the question!



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