In theaters from writer/director Patrick Brice and writer Mark Duplass along with Blumhouse Productions comes the tale of one special “Creep.”

This film tells the story of Aaron (Patrick Brice), a videographer who answers a Craigslist ad. Hired by Josef (Mark Duplass), the job entails following him around in a remote cabin in the woods documenting his life.

The two men hit it off as Josef begins to tell Aaron his reasoning behind the need to talk into a camera. Little by little the tales of his life emerge but Aaron suspects something isn’t quite right.

Josef is clearly on an emotional roller coaster and Aaron knows he should leave, but the only way he is going to find out what is really going on…

…is to stay.

Brice as Aaron is looking for a quick job for a quick paycheck — that should have been his first red flag! Watching his good intentions turn sour I found myself actually hollering at the screen trying to warn him. I love when that happens because without warning I am in the story looking around my own corners.

Duplass as Josef gives the viewer a story to begin with but quickly turns a genuine smile into a grin of calm freakishness. Joining his emotional rollercoaster it is extremely cool not knowing from one moment to the next what he was going to pull off and still surprised at what Josef comes up with.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Creep” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is the first in a trilogy of “Creep” films so will it be interesting to see where Duplass and Brice take the character of Josef. There are so many ways it can go so don’t keep me waiting guys!

There are thriller twists using the found-footage genre adding to it a strange sense of humor that I personally liked and an ending that make my jaw drop!

The cinematography is also a character in the film and a witness to the whole event. In a world of everyone capturing every moment, this film turns the job of a videographer to a whole new level. I don’t think anyone will ever look at an ad for a videographer the same again.

In the end — Craigslist just got creepier!



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