Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Factory on blu-ray January 15th is a double header of Jackie Chan with CRIME STORY and THE PROTECTOR.

CRIME STORY directed by Kirk Wong is the 1993 film starring Jackie Chan as a detective who is in a race against time to solve a kidnapping. This film is based on a true story and has amazing action sequences. The film totally brings in martial arts as only Chan can. This film is considered to be one of Chan’s best and most serious roles. This is another side of Chan for fans to see and be wow’d by!

THE PROTECTOR directed by James Glickenhaus is the 1985 film also starring Jackie Chan as Billy Wong, a New York cop whose partner is gun down. His new partner, Danny Garoni played by Danny Aiello is sent just in time as a wealthy man’s daughter is kidnapped. The pair works together to find the missing girl and discover there are more connections than they know.

FINAL WORD: Both of these films are excellent examples of Chan’s earlier work. They both not only display his obvious martial arts ability but his ability to play a serious role with as much ease as a comedic one. Chan has always been a bankable star overseas and burst onto the scene in America where is can bring down a room in thunderous applause.

I witnessed this at the 2012 San Diego International Comic-Con when Chan walked into the room to promote some of the films he is working on and the crowd was insane. The thunderous applause just didn’t stop for minutes.

Both of these films are definitely ones that are worth adding to anyone with a martial arts film collection, Asian film collection or plain out and out Jackie Chan collection. The action is constant, the stories solid and the blu-ray only add to the film.

The extended blu-ray edition has special bonus of Jackie Chan’s cut of CRIME STORY/THE PROTECTOR. This amazing collection also has insightful bonus features with deleted scenes, filmmaker interviews, trailers, behind the scenes featurettes and so much more.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give CRIME STORY/THE PROTECTOR three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is an awesome way to get the Chan experience with two films showing his talent. It was interesting to see him play a serious role in CRIME STORY, which is something I honestly hadn’t known before.

Of course both films are filled the with martial arts action fans expect and they won’t be disappointed. SHOUT! Factory has doubled up and done a remarkable job in bringing these two films to DVD for fans to own. SHOUT! Factory is known worldwide for bringing films, television, music, comedy and animation to audiences and they have struck gold here.

In the end – it’s double the action and double the Chan!

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