Sen. Ted Cruz recently referred to “New York values” in criticizing Donald Trump. It is unfortunate that he had to invoke a people and region in attempting to point out Trump’s changes of opinion regarding certain issues and to defend himself against Trump’s ridiculous questioning of his eligibility to be president.

A New Yorker who lost a family member on 9/11, and was dismayed by the senator’s comment, approached me. While considering Sen.Cruz’s comments and Donald Trump’s response, others were interviewed regarding their opinions.

President Obama in his last State of the Union address noted the divisiveness now in America. It appears he is unwilling to look in the mirror for its cause. Yet, is Sen. Cruz also attempting to separate Americans? In a recent radio interview he stated, “Donald comes from New York and he embodies New York values.” But what are “New York Values,” and who represents those values considering many of America’s cultural, scientific and military elite have come from New York. Those interviewed represented a “melting pot:” some Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, with Irish, Italian, and Greek backgrounds.

Retired Col. Jack Jacobs is a Medal of Honor recipient for his actions during the Vietnam War. As a Republican, he found Sen. Cruz’s comments offensive. He noted, “Maybe the media is partially responsible because his comments might reflect Middle America’s perception of New York. People trying to carve out and distinguish New Yorkers based on their values does not know what they are talking about. I do not agree that basic values are reflected in who you elect.”

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