Coming to DVD blu-ray from director Jin-ho Hur and Well Go USA comes the reimagined classic DANGEROUS LIAISONS.

This film tells the story of Xie Yifan (Dong-gun Jang), a womanizing man who plays with others lives for the fun of it in Shanghi. He has a partner-in-crime in Mo Jieyu (Cecilia Cheung) who enjoys the games just as much as Xie.

While visiting his Grandmothers (Lisa Lu) home he meets Du Fenyu (Ziyi Zhang), a beautiful young widow who believes in helping the poor. Intrigued by her, Du Fenyu has also caught the attention of Mo Jieyu and the challenge is made.

Mo challenges Xie to break through Du Fenyu’s defenses and then break her heart. Xie takes that challenge with the reward being Mo. In the process others are brought in their web of deceit, as no one is safe from dangerous liaisons.

FINAL WORD: If the name Ziyi Zhang seems familiar or her beautiful face equally familiar that would be because of her amazing role in MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA playing the lead role of Chio/Syuri. In this film, once again, her beauty and grace serves her well in playing the role of Du Fenyu. Using her expressions it is easy to feel her pain and sadness, just beautifully done.

Jang as Xie Yifan is a scoundrel to be sure but he plays this role with heart. Watching him play cat and mouse with Du Fenyu’s emotions it is not clear when he gives in until he falls. The confrontation with Mo Jieyu is such a powerful scene as well.

Cheung as Mo Jieyu is beautiful and scary at the same time playing a woman who must control everything – and everyone. It is interesting to see her playing such a different role than that of Mu Guiying in the 2011 film LEGENDARY AMAZONGS that I also enjoyed very much.

Other cast include: Shawn Dou as Dai Wenzhou, Dan Tong Han as Socialite, Rong Rong as Mrs. Zhu, Shuli Xiao as Gui Zhen, and Zhang Yun as A Wen.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DANGEROUS LIAISONS four tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly enjoyed so many aspects of the film so I’ll try to cover them all. First, the cinematography is beautiful and the blu-ray shows that. The story, although told before, offers the directors interpretation in a different direction that I enjoyed.

The actors here are strong and are riveting to watch. Their expression and movements are so graceful and deliberate which totally add to the enjoyment of the film. The dvd blu-ray also includes a behind the scenes featurette and “The Making of Dangerous Liaisons” piece.

Well Go USA specializes in bringing the absolute best in Asian cinema to North America and has released over 2,000 titles since 1994. Add this film to your collection and visit to see what other selections are available.

In the end – there may be no difference between love and war.

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