On DVD and from SHOUT! Factory along with the master of the macabre George A. Romero comes one from the vault kids with DAY OF THE DEAD.

This film tells the story of the world after a zombie apocalypse. Left behind are scientists Sarah (Lori Cardille), Fisher (John Amplas) and Dr. ‘Frankenstein’ Logan (Richard Liberty) who are looking for a cure.

Hindering them is a rag tag band of soldiers led by Captain Rhodes (Joseph Pilato) who clearly sees the scientists as a waste and shooting zombies as an answer to everything. It helps with his men McDermott (Jarlath Conroy), Miguel (Athony Dileo, Jr.), Steel (Gary Klar), Rickles (Ralph Marrero) and others stand up for their captain!

But what is going on in the lab with Dr. Logan is not what everyone had hoped.

FINAL WORD: Cardille as Sarah is the front runner (no pun intended) to handle this bunch. The fact that she’s a woman just means she will make sure it gets done right! Armed with smarts, a will to find answers and a little bit of emotion is very cool.

Pilato as Captain Rhodes needed to be sedated! I kind of yelled that when Sarah was sedating someone else in the group. Rhodes is a gun-ho, take no zombie prisoners, I-am-in-control-but-out-of-my-mind-type of guy and Pilato pulls it off beautifully. There are moments where his wide-eyed stares of insanity were creepy and added just the right amount of it to feed into his little military group!

Liberty as Logan or Dr. Frankenstein is not only seriously disturbed but also equally seriously hilarious! Saying that I am also inclined to think that one must look past the crazy to see the genius. Bub is an amazing character and I can’t help believe that actor Sherman Howard didn’t have a blast doing it.

SHOUT! Factory has done it again with the release of DAY OF THE DEAD along with PRINCE OF DARKNESS. They are an amazing company that offers up feature films, classic and contemporary television, animation and film favorites to those who have a library that is constantly growing. See what they have to offer at www.shoutfactory.com.

Other cast include: Phillip Kellams as Miller, Taso Stavrakis as Torrez, with Don Brockett and William Cameron as zombies!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DAY OF THE DEAD four tubs of popcorn out of five. Why? Because it’s zombies! How many times do I have to say this – I am a zombie person. One of the first horror movies I ever saw was about zombies and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) drew me in and that’s where I’ve been ever since.

George A. Romero is the genius of zombies as far as I’m concerned. This 1985 zombie classic is just one of several films he made in this genre. With regard to his creations he says, “At first I didn’t think of them as zombies. I thought of them as flesh-eaters or ghouls and never called them zombies in the first film. Then people started to write about them, calling them zombies and all of a sudden that’s what they were – the new zombies!

What Romero also did was reinvent the idea of zombies and what they were and could do. “I guess I invented a few rules, like dill the brain and you kill the ghoul and eventually I surrendered to the idea and called them zombies myself in DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978). It never was important to me what they were called, just that they existed!”

And exist they do thankfully as fans – thanks to THE WALKING DEAD and Greg Nicotero who has a role in DAY OF THE DEAD – bring us back to what we love the most. Crazy creatures that bring out the best and worst of what it means to be human or undead!

In the end – the darkest day of horror the world has ever known.

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