Out on DVD from director/writers the Pierce Brothers and FroBro Films comes a different kind of zombie movie showing what it takes to be “Dead Heads”.

This film tells the story of Mike (Michael McKiddy), a young man who wakes up to find three years has gone by and zombies are roaming around. The problem is the other zombies are the usual groaning grunting kind and Mike can talk!

Thinking he is the only one, Mike runs into Brent (Ross Kidder), another talking zombie who decides to help Mike on his romantic trek. Of course along the way, Brent makes friends with Cheese (Markus Taylor), a real zombie who he tries to train.

They are also being chased by zombie killers Tom (Thomas Glasso) and a pain in another body part McDinkle (Benjamin Webster). Keeping them on step ahead of the law is their buddy Cliff (Harry Burkey) who doesn’t seem to notice his new friends are a little….different.

Mike remembers that he intended to propose to his girlfriend Ellie and now Mike and Brent, along with Cheese, make it their mission to find the girl of his dreams. Will they make it or discover an evil plan is behind everything!

FINAL WORD: McKiddy is so sweet and funny at Mike. Waking up to find his world a little upside down, to say the least, he seems to take it in stride.

Kidder as Brent is very funny and laid back in a comical way. Just watching his character take a zombie in as a ‘pet’ is hilarious.

Other cast includes: Natalie Victoria as Ellie Masterson, Eden Malyn as Emily, Leonard Kelly-Young as Charles, Brian Richardson as Eric, and Christina Rose as Mandy.

The special effects are pretty darn good and so add to the funny of the film. Every time Mike has problems with his arm it cracks me up, especially when Brent refers to him as Mr. Potato Head.

The writers Brett and Drew Pierce are sons of the photographic FX artist Bart Pierce and watched during the production of the original “Evil Dead”. Now if that isn’t training I don’t know what is.

I could spend most of this review talking about scenes that are funny and original but instead you need to get the DVD for yourself.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Dead Heads” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is hilarious and filled with other zombie film references. The story line is really good and I swear there were moments I just could not stop laughing and think I’ve learned a few new phrases.

If the death of vampires and the rise of zombies is something you are thrilled about then take a moment to see DEADHEADS on DVD which includes the special features: “About DeadHeads”, “The Making of Deadheads”, a trailer and the Directors Commentary that can’t be missed.

In the end – the dead will walk, talk and ride shotgun!



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