On DVD/VOD release from director Curt Hahn, Curb Entertainment and Freestyle Releasing comes a film with heart and drive with DEADLINE.

This film tells the story of Matthew Harper (Steve Talley), a young writer for the Nashville Times. Trying to find the big story he meets Trey Hall (Lauren Jenkins) a young woman from Alamo, Alabama with a story to tell.

Twenty years ago a young African-American man named Wallace Sampson was gunned down while on his way home from visiting his girlfriend. Leaving behind a grieving mother Mary Pell (Jackie Welch), she continues to work for Trey’s family.

Matt knows this is a story that needs attention but his editor Walker (Jeremy Childs) will only allow him to cover the story if he takes Ronnie Bullock (Eric Roberts) with him. Getting flack from publisher Baxter (David Ditmore) keeps these two on their toes.

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