Coming to DVD July 2nd from filmmaker Peter Navarro and Area23a is a shocking look at where the United States is economically and how we got there with DEATH BY CHINA.

This documentary starts from the beginning of the end of manufacturing in the United States and the state of our economy today. Beginning with the numbers that over 50,000 factories in the United States have been closed in the last ten years and 25 million American’s can’t find work.

Harvard trailed economist Peter Navarro puts it all out to see pointing towards China as the biggest culprit of America’s breakdown. From unfair trade practices to companies such as Apple, Boeing, and Caterpillar taking jobs over seas there are many compelling facts laid out.

The film is narrated by Martin Sheen, whose voice is filled with such intensity explaining the complicating relationship between the US and China. From Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan to Republication Congressman Chris Smith, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and Thea Lee to corporate leaders Leo Hindery and Brian O’Shaunessy they all explain their concerns.

This is a look at where the jobs Americans desperately seek are going!

FINAL WORD: Starting the viewer out with information that is pretty shocking the documentary pulls a big name into the works with Black Friday. That is a day Americans find the best deals on the ‘must-haves’ on their list. Everything from computers, to televisions to gaming systems are the bargains to be had. But at what price?

Navarro uses this as a starting point to explain how Americans are losing jobs by purchasing these Black Friday items that come from China. Politicians blame the death of American manufacturing on China yet it is the government who started the ball rolling in 2001 with the entrance of China to the World Trade Organization.

With the idea of equal trade that is not what has happened. Instead, because of a relaxed regulation system, manufacturers send their machinery and jobs to a country that exploits their workers and degraded their own country with pollution.

That isn’t the only effect as the film explains currency manipulations, stealing of technology, illegal importing, and military expansion with the end result of death by junk from China.

Not afraid to say corporate names out loud, the documentary points towards the Wall of Mart (aka WalMart), Google, and Yahoo and what their contribution is to the downfall of employment and the idea of American made products.

The DVD includes – director’s statement video, DEATH BY CHINA theme song music video, director’s commentary with Peter Navarro, DEATH BY CHINA official trailer, and Award-winner “Death By Chinese Junk” short film.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DEATH BY CHINA four tubs of popcorn out of five. This glosses over nothing and puts everything clearly, concisely and in your face! From the opening till the very end there is nothing sugar coated for the viewer as the brain is bombarded with the realities of what is all around us.

Even writing this review I look around at everything on my desk and begin to look for labels. What we take for granted is now what we should leave for the sake of our country. As the documentary points out, only 4% of products are actually American made and that is truly a travesty!

I easily remember my grandparents being so proud of their home with a car made in a plant my uncle worked in, oil/gasoline that was refined and hauled by my grandfather and steel plants that produced the rivets my grandmother put into machinery in a factory she worked in – here in the United States.

Sitting here I can only think of one family member that is working in a factory situation and that is my son who is constantly worried that his job is going to be shipped somewhere else. There was a momentary flap with Made In America products but that symbolism died down quickly – that needs to be brought back so families can survive in the most practical sense.

Is this documentary scary – absolutely! But that fear is what can either make our country or break it and this documentary can be a catalyst to people having the information they need to change what is happening to American workers.

In the end – jobs, hope and money leave American shores!

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