On Bluray from director Michael Fischa and MPI Media comes the perfect classic 1989 horror film when working out is a killer in the DEATH SPA.

This film tells the story of Michael (William Bumiller), a man who owns the gym Star Body that is hugely popular. This is good news for Michael after losing his wife. As things get better with the gym, he also starts a relationship with Laura (Brenda Bakke).

Memberships in the gym increases fast as everything in the gym is state of the art running by a computer program created by his brother-in-law David (Merritt Butrick). But as business gets good, so do freak accidents. First Laura is burned in the sauna, followed by accidents in the shower, pool and throughout the gym.

Slowly, Michael begins to put the pieces together of what is really happening and who is responsible – and who it is will shock them all!

FINAL WORD: Bumiller as Michael is a laid back gym owner who thinks the accidents are coincidences, well at least at first. As more and more incidents happen he gets the hint that this is far more psychotic than he bargained for. He’s a hunky good looking guy so he fits the role perfectly.

Bakke as Laura gets the bum end of this deal; first her eyes get a little melted and then she’s almost roasted on a tanning bed! I kind of felt sorry for her. Not a good way to continue a loving relationship when a killer is on the loose.

The winner here is Butrick as David. This isn’t the first time he’s played a character name David as he did in the 1984 film STAR TREK: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK playing Capt. Kirk’s son. This David is a little different and by different I mean one twisted little man!

Other cast includes: Robert Lipton as Tom, Alexa Hamilton as Priscilla, Ken Foree as Marvin, Rosalind Cash as Sgt. Stone, Francis McCarthy as Lt. Fletcher, Hank Cheyne as Robert, Chelsea Field as Darla and Shari Shattuck as Catherine.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DEATH SPA three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is totally the horror movies I grew up with! It was like stepping back in time at the drive-in freaking out at the bloody body parts. Now, it’s just awesome horror that has held it’s own over time.

The filming is crazy silly, the acting is jumpy from character to character, the gore is just enough to creep out an audience yet there are nice twists and turns never really being sure who done it! The “special effects” are awesome, and by that I mean very cool for 1987!

In the end – you’ll sweat blood!



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