Coming to REELZ where Hollywood Happens this weekend is cautionary tale of what can happen when threats go viral with DELETE.

This film tells the story of Jesse Wade (Erin Karplunk), a reporter who is trying to discover the secrets behind mysterious hacking. Meeting up with Daniel (Keir Gilchrist), a teenager who knows some of is happening Jesse trust that he is the right person to be talking to.

But first, they are both arrested by FBI agent Max Hollis (Ryan Robbins) who tries bullying tactics to tell what they know. Hollis tells Daniel that all those who hacked into the system are dead and if they don’t get answers, he might be too!

That’s when the duo kicks into high gear looking for anything that might help them figure out what is happening and whose behind it. What they discover is a computer program called DUBITO that is thinking for itself and the government is now on high alert.

Working at Cyber Command Mike (Gil Bellows) is being manipulated by Dubito who uses family against him to get the files it needs to continue growing. Dubito begins causing anarchy in the streets. Jesse, Daniel and Hollis must locate Lucifer (Seth Green) in order to discover the weakness in the link of the program.

Now, there only hope is to create an AI that will interact with Dubito and do what no human can – fight for their survival!

FINAL WORD: Karplunk has her work cut out trying to get through the mayhem of mystery. Wanting to know who is behind the hacking and what their motive is, she plays a strong woman. That’s important when trying to put together a storyline that gives her work meaning and Karplunk gives the role exactly what it needs.

Gilchrist as Daniel is the brainy kid we all hope will be around when technology goes haywire. Jumping in to help solve the mystery this is the kid who knows the right people to get the job done. This young actor is believable, intelligent and yet knows what they are trying to do is more serious than anyone around them realizes. Nice performance!

Robbins as Hollis begins with a lack of belief in what the two main characters are telling him. It doesn’t take long before he agrees that there is more here than he can see for himself. Bellows plays a Commander who makes decisions based on family needs rather than the greater good.

Green plays Lucifer (no, not the devil either) and its interesting how intense his role is. Working with Gilchrist, Green seemed very natural and as much as I’m not a computer wizard it was nice to know I could follow along.

Other cast includes: Jaylee Hamidi as Keiko, Andrwe Airlie as Marcus Trumaine, Erin Cebula as Adriana Masek, Stephen Chang as General Tan, Paul McGillion as Raymond Vince, Babak A. Motamed as Farid, Peter New as Nillwood, Adam Reid as Col. Porterson, Zak Santiago as Captain, Shayn Solberg as Lookout and Matt Frewer as Arthur.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DELETE three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is definitely a film for those who love all the cyber talk, technical aspects but a tad bit of action as well. Most of us have thought about what could happen if computers got the better of us and DELETE offers a scenario.

It is interesting that to destroy an out of control AI; another must be created which leaves the door wide open for another film. I think this is a storyline that can be broadened out and will wait patiently until REELZ takes up the mantle to make it happen!

In the end – get ready for the 21st century disaster that’s not only possible – it’s happening.

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