In theatres in time to scare up your holiday weekend from writer/director Scott Derrickson and Sony Pictures comes the hope to DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

This film tells the story of police officer Sarchie (Eric Bana), a life on the edge man who takes the calls that are dangerous. Partner Butler (Joel McHale) calls his ability to know what calls to take as ‘radar’.

Living with wife Jen (Olivia Munn) and daughter Christina (Lulu Wilson), Sarchie works into the dark nights to protect the Bronx. Things begin to change when Sarchie and Butler take a domestic disturbance call. It becomes clear quickly that something unnatural has happened.

This is quickly followed by a woman who is out of control at the local zoo and Sarchie begins to see a pattern because a hooded man is at every event! Sarchie also meets Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez), a priest who informs him that these people are affected by demons.

But Sarchie is convinced that one man, Nick Santino (Sean Harris) is responsible. The evil is now getting closer to his family and there is no time left. Sarchie and Mendoza take on every belief in order to save them all.

FINAL WORD: Bana as Sarchie is solid as a cop who was once an alter boy but misplaced his faith. Dealing with emotional issues of his own, all this madness isn’t helping his home life. I love watching Bana create a character and make it his own. There is something about this actor that draws you into his world.

McHale as Butler was not only good, he was fantastic! He brings the comic relief which is the tension breaker. His smart-ass answers and razor sharp wit is perfect casting. The audience absolutely fell for him in this role; we hope he does it again soon!

Ramirez as Mendoza is the man in black who has seen more than he’d ever want to. Knowing that there is something evil at work, he recruits Sarchie but only little by little. Even in his weak moments Ramirez plays his character strong and is riveting to watch.

Harris as Santino just totally creeped us out! That’s a good thing because that’s what we love in a good thriller film. Munn as Jenn has a small role but nothing to write home about. Wilson as daughter Christina should be the one po’d here! I mean seriously, she tried to tell people what was going on in her room – dang adults need to start listening!

Other cast include: Chris Coy as Jimmy, Dorian Missick as Gordon, Mike Houston as Nadler, Olivia Horton as Jane, Scott Johnsen as Lt. Griggs, Daniel Sauli as Salvatore, Antoinette LaVecchia as Serafina, Aidan Gemme as Mario, and Jenna Gavigan as Lucinda.

TUBS OF POPCORN: [Movie Maven] We give DELIVER US FROM EVIL three and a half to four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is everything we love about a good ‘horror’ film. There was plenty of suspense building and then release with comedy just to build the tension again. There were some intense yucky scenes but things we would expect from this type of genre film. I certainly won’t like hearing scratching sounds ever again. All in all a fantastic time!

[Film Brat] What an awesome film and I don’t say that lightly either. Horror/scary films are a genre I really enjoy. The past few years have brought ridiculous slasher films that don’t interest me, in fact there premise bored me. This past year has brought some amazing thriller, scary, suspenseful, creepy films that are perfection and DELIVER US FROM EVIL is on that list. I would have no problem sitting through this film a second time. Kudos Bana, Ramirez and high praise for McHale!

Ralph Sarchie was a part of the NYPD for sixteen years in the South Bronx. In his book DELIVER US FROM EVIL: A New York City Cop Investigates the Supernatural written with Lisa Collier Cool, Sarchie investigates cases of demonic possession. In his book he speaks about his experiences and documented crimes and rituals and links with the supernatural.

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In the end – evil is here!



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