In theatres tomorrow, just in time to celebrate the holiday weekend from directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud from Universal Pictures is DESPICABLE ME 2.

This film continues the story of Gru (Steve Carell) who is enjoying his life raising Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Agnes (Elsie Kate Fisher) and Edith (Dana Gaier). He’s enjoying it all so much that Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) has decided its time to change jobs for more excitement in his own life.

At Agnes birthday party Gru is approached by Lucy (Kristen Wiig), an agent for the Anti-Villain League led by Silas (Steve Coogan). Offered the position to discover who has stolen a dangerous serum, Gru decides to get back in the game.

The AVL sets Gru and Lucy up in a bakeshop at the mall where the villain is thought to be hiding. Now assigned to work with Lucy, they go from one store and meet Floyd (Ken Jeong) who runs a hairpiece store and Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt). Gru immediately things he knows Eduardo from someplace but can’t quite be sure.

That’s because he’s keeping an eye on his girls as well, especially Margo who has fallen for Antonio (Moises Arias). But something’s in the air as Gru and Lucy are clicking. If that isn’t bad enough, some of the minions including Kevin and Bob have gone missing.

Time is running out so Gru and the gang need to find the super criminal before all is lost!

FINAL WORD: I love when Carell does the voice of Gru. There is something so amazing endearing about it. Even when Carell/Gru attempts to be vicious or evil I just don’t buy it. Instead I giggle myself silly and wait to see what he will do next. Thanks Carell for making this character so much fun.

Cosgrove, Fisher and Gaier as the girls are once again up to mischief but are such happy girls. Who would have thunk an evil villain would be such a great dad! Of course little Edith melts me every time and I was so happy to see her unicorn is still in good shape.

Wiig as Lucy is hyper, happy, different and is the yin to Gru’s yang! Not afraid of much she seems to have a way around Gru and the girls that makes the ending inevitable. Brand as Nefario is always a joy! Coogan as Silas is a stuffed shirt but in a good way.

Bratt as Eduardo gets a chance to be the very macho and what he lacks in height he makes up for arrogance. What can be said about Jeong that hasn’t already been said? As Floyd he’s hilarious with his Elvis hair nuff’ said!

MINIONS…my MINIONS…what can I say! I adore them, they crack me up, teach me silly things and I had no choice after seeing the film but to run home and watch the original just so I could stay my happy place. They are just a wonderful creation and the sweetest-yellow-capsule-shaped-one-eyed-farmer-john-wearing-looking things you’ll ever see. Yes, I want one!

Other cast include: Pierre Coffin as Kevin, Bob, and Stuart – the Minions, Chris Renaud as the Evil Minions and Italian Water, Nickolai Stoilov as the Arctic Lab Guard, Kristen Schaal as Shannon and Nasim Pedrad as Jillian.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DESPICABLE ME 2 four tubs of popcorn out of five. The film is loveable, charming, endearing, fun and who doesn’t love a screen full of minions! The characters are so well formed from the first DESPICABLE ME that it flows as if we never left off.

The story was fun and it doesn’t drag out to ruin it and sticks with a winning formula. Kids are going to love it and, lets face it, the adults are going to be thrilled – ADMIT IT! Everyone loves a minion!

The cast is stellar, the color is brilliant and bright, the music is fun – yes, I adored the film so you go adore it too!

In the end – back 2 work!

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