Investigating abandoned insane asylums is dangerous and downright terrifying, but in Destination America’s all-new series GHOST ASYLUM, a fearless crew  is on a quest to hunt down chain-rattling ghosts and scary apparitions by any means possible, even if that requires luring themselves as the decoy. 

GHOST ASYLUM follows the most passionate paranormal team in America, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, as they examine some of America’s most frightening asylums, sanitariums and mental hospitals. Their goal isn’t just to conjure spirits and collect evidence but they are on a mission to physically capture restless souls with their cutting-edge ghost traps and self-trained Tennessean wit. 

TWC hunts the most lethal stories; clinics where murdered nurses still roam the halls, hospitals that drive anyone who enters to utter insanity and rehabilitation centers with earth shattering cries coming from the windows.  Staffed with experts in every aspect of paranormal investigation these wraith chasers are not your average Ghostbusters but an elite team of ghost whisperers who mesh methodology and skill with old-fashioned common sense and a taste for adventure in order to debunk, disprove or validate each case. GHOST ASYLUM premieres Sunday, September 7 at 10/9c on Destination America.

“Every town in America has some sort of haunted building up on the hill with a mysterious legend or local ghost story that leaves to question the truth and reality of lingering spirits,” said Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America. “GHOST ASYLUM follows the clever Tennessee Wraith Chasers as they enter the most petrifying locations, sharing shocking evidence and real life experiences on the hunt to trap the spirits lurking around these haunted institutions.”

“Respect, detect, collect” – that’s the Tennessee Wraith Chasers’ motto and the core process they follow in each episode. Led by its founder Chris Smith, the team seeks to separate facts from folklore using every trick in their arsenal attempting to bag a wandering spirit.

In the premiere on Sunday, September 7 at 10/9c, the team travels to Old War Memorial Hospital in Scottsville, Kentucky. Throughout its years of operation, this institution transformed from a place of healing to a holding cell for the mentally disturbed. Between the ER and the mental ward, it has been the site of countless deaths and could be bursting with lost souls. Locals believe that a doctor lost his mind while in residence at the hospital and, after his death, his spirit returned for a permanent shift in the exam rooms he loved so much. Now, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers venture beyond the waiting room to track down the doctor’s spirit and finally discharge him for good.

FINAL WORD: It’s pretty clear that these guys have no problem hanging out in dark places! Loaded up with equipment, computers and a good ole flashlight they take on EVP’s and creepy shadows.

Going back to their station, they take a closer look at their video. Using a Faraday Cage they hope they have finally captured a ghost. A quick explanation of its workings, the excitement builds as these five guys believe in what they do.

Their name Tennesee Wraith Chasers lets viewers know from the get-go that this is an adventure they look forward to. In the GHOST ASYLUM it’s all about following your instincts and never letting the spirits get the best of you.

As we get close to the spooky season of the year, take some time and give GHOST ASYLUM a look! You can find GHOST ASYLUM on Destination American Sunday, September 7th at 10/9c.



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