Released on DVD from director Antonio Frazzi, RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana and MHz Networks comes a cop who knows nothing else in life as DETECTIVE DE LUCA.

This series tells the story of Det. Archille De Luca (Alessandro Prezioni), a detective who sees every case through to the end. Along with partner Puligese they leave no stone unturned during a time in Italy that was filled with political turmoil and uncertainty.

Set in the backdrop from 1938 to 1948, Il Duce and fascism are throwing the country into chaos. No one trusts anyone as information is hard to get and talking could get one dead!

From the city of Bologna to the small towns and back again, De Luca goes where the cases are and he does not compromise.

FINAL WORD: Prezioni as De Luca is a chains smoking, hardly sleeping, barely eating, no political affiliations cop on the beat. He catches things quickly, doesn’t take no for an answer from his superiors and finds away around those standing in his way. Prezioni has a presence that is a little unnerving and charming at the same time.

With steely blue-white eyes and a stance that dares you to strip the hard outer layer of his character – I think Prezioni was a stellar choice to play this role. Of course that “I am a policeman” belief also melts the hearts of women around him. Totally believable to my way of thinking!

In episode one AN UNAUTHORIZED INVESTIGTION a young woman is found on the beach right next to the vacation spot of Il Duce himself. De Luca’s superiors want to wrap the case up quickly and make it go away but this tough as nails cop knows its one big cover-up and he won’t stop until those responsible are caught.

In episode two CARTE BLANCHE a wealthy fascist is murdered and the choice of who to point the finger at are many. From a socialite, a maid, a clairvoyant and an official’s daughter, De Luca must unravel the connections to find the killer.

In episode three CLOUDY SUMMER we find De Luca on the run for doing what a cop should do – save a life. The problem is the life he saved gets him on the bad list. Stumbling into the down of Sant Alberto, he meets Leonardi the town policeman who needs help on a case. De Luca being De Luca he can’t turn away an investigation – not even if it costs his own freedom.

In episode four VIA DELLE OCHE De Luca is back in Bologna where he is assigned to the vice squad. Some might see this as a demotion but De Luca immediately finds that party officials are sweeping crime under the rug and that doesn’t sit well with this particular policeman.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DETECTIVE DE LUCA four tubs of popcorn out of five. This series was to short and I totally wanted more! This is a drama whose stories are filled with intrigue, deception, politics, and history, underhandedness all wrapped up in everyone having their own agenda. De Luca is a straightforward cop who wants to do right in the midst of so much wrong.

The scenery totally adds to the storyline with Italy’s beautiful architecture and amazing landscape. The buses, cars, costumes down to the smallest detail are characters in the story all on their own. Adding this fitting cast gives the era amazing life.

Using the history of this ten-year period is a bonus as it adds intensity to the situations that are already very tense! I really enjoyed each of the characters especially Puligese and Leonardi. Rafaella Rea as Valeria is absolutely gorgeous and played her character to the hilt. I would really like to know her back-story because Valeria and De Luca are perfectly dysfunctional together.

DETECTIVE DE LUCA is based on the best selling crime novels written by Carlo Lucarelli who is also responsible for ALMOST BLUE in 2000.

I seriously want the car De Luca is driven around in but only after they fix the right side taillight (see episode two when they are driving away from the rich socialites house!). It is amazing that four men could fit in that car and it fits in the narrow streets of Bologna with ease.

Go to and order your own copy of this fantastic series!

In the end – he’s too honest not to uncover the truth!

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