Opening in theatres from director Alex Craig Mann and Gala Films is a story of the heady days of high school especially with the DETENTION OF THE DEAD.

This film tells the story of group of detentionees starting with nerd Eddie (Jacob Zachar),
loverboy Brad (Jayson Blair) and cheerleader girlfriend Janet (Christa B. Allen), badass skateboarder Ash (Justin Chon), Gothgirl Willow (Alexa Nikolas), jock Jimmy (Max Adler) and Mark (Joseph Porter).

One problem, Mark seems to have some weird pulsing growth on his hand and within minutes decides to start eating detention teacher Mrs. Rumblethorp (Michele Messmer)! Leaving the room they discover the whole school has turned into one giant lunchroom filled with zombies.

Now it’s a matter of survival and with what they know about the biters can they survive them – or one another?

FINAL WORD: Zachar as the nerdy Eddie has all the information they need to stay one step ahead of the zombies. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Nikolas as Willow is equally as smart and with the two of them makes one big brain.

Allen as Janet is clearly worried about her dry cleaning problems with her cheerleader uniform and flossing. She should be more concerned with her boyfriend Brad played by Blair who has military aspirations and a little slimy secret.

Chon as Ash has some serious anger issues with a chopping block and a teacher’s head. Adler as jock Jimmy does what he’s told and is easily distracted!

Other cast includes: Adam DeFilippi, Bernie Allemon, Jonathan Coogan, Don Richard as zombies and Richard Jewell as Colonel.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DETENTION OF THE DEAD three tubs of popcorn out of five. With the BREAKFAST CLUB beginning it quickly turns into one-liners and zombies, teen angst, crushes, zombies, misunderstandings, life lessons and did I mention zombies? It is funny and sharp which is always good when surrounded by people that want to eat your brains.

The special effects are pretty cool and zombie lovers will totally love it. The munching of body parts is something viewers need to pay attention to. Some of it is truly hilarious! The music keeps up with the action and the romance with all the right suspenseful notes to keep on their toes.

There is the usual running or slow mindless chasing and that’s just from the zombies! The good news is leave it to the nerd to have all the information on the flesh eaters and lucky to have a Goth girl to translate!

A couple of good jolts and a lot of screaming add to it all. That being said the cast works really well together to give some hilarious moments and a mixture of smart and smart-ass!

In the end – when there’s no more room in hell, the dead go to detention!



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