Coming to theatres this Friday from director William Dickerson, Fishbone Films and Level 1 Entertainment comes a road that takes a DETOUR.

This film tells the story of Jackson (Neil Hopkins), a busy man on the road until suddenly the road finds him. Waking up, Jackson discovers he is buried in the car and wedged in good. No cell phone bars, a static filled radio and a car battery that’s draining are the first on his mind.

Jackson also has to watch his movements as the car keeps shifting and the soil is moving. He attempts to recall how this all happened. Knowing he may not be found he records his feelings with his cell phone but at the same time looks through the videos of his wife.

As time passes by Jackson begins to take inventory of his car – and of his life!

FINAL WORD: Hopkins is absolutely fantastic as Jackson. There is something so real and relatable about this actor in this film. His reactions and his ability to reason give way to becoming unglued. Fear strikes but at the same time the fight for survival is stronger.

There are some categorically amazing problem solving skills going on in this film. Mixed in are moments of emotional thoughtfulness, life reflection and pure humor. Hopkins not only rolls with the punches but also can no longer deny the characters feelings when confronted with them. It is very difficult to ignore life when it stares him down with every second that passes.

Other cast include: Brea Grant as Laurie, John Forest as Terry, Ptolemy Slocum as Preston and Deb Snyder as Didi.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DETOUR four tubs of popcorn out of five. The film wastes no time in bringing the viewer into the car and then taking them on a ride, as it were. In all honesty my list of questions is only equal to my list of pure awesome survival techniques. I don’t think I will ever look at my car or its contents the same ever again.

The film is done in such a way that the camera is purely forgotten about. There were moments I felt panic and THAT’S how I know this is a great film. The tension builds slowly with outbursts of ‘awwww…hell no!’ mixed in with breath stopping movements. Every emotion Jackson has is shared by the audience because the scenario presented is totally plausible! It can happen to anyone and because of that the shared fear is equally as palpable.

If Hopkins looks familiar to you perhaps a little television series called LOST will refresh your memory. He was cast in the role of Liam Pace in the series. His career has also brought him to roles on such high rated shows as THE MENTALIST, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS, GRIMM and even the vampire cable series TRUE BLOOD. Take notice Hollywood, Hopkins needs to be seen more on the big screen and this film proves it!

In the end – do you have what it takes to survive!

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