Coming to DVD and VOD this August from director/writer Joseph O’Brien and Phase 4 Films comes an eerie ride down DEVIL’S MILE.

This film tells the story of three criminals Toby (David Hayter), Cally (Maria Del Mar) and Jacinta (Casey Hudecki). Expecting a big pay off they kidnap two teenage girls; Suki (Samathan Wan) and her friend Kanako (Amanda Joy Lim).

While taking a detour road to deliver their hostages the three begin to argue. Kanako tries to escape and Toby gets out of control and kills the girl. Now there is mistrust and fear between the trio on a road that is not about to let them go. But there is something else driving the evil.

Captive and captors now need one another to fight an evil that wants only one thing from each of them – their lives!

FINAL WORD: Hayter as Toby is the tough guy who has a problem with being told what to do – especially by Cally and Jacinta. He wants to get paid for the two kidnapped girls and be on his way. Of course going down that particular road changed his plans. Hayter is ugly, mean and just a little nuts and in a horror film that’s perfect!

Del Mar as Cally gets to be touch as well as a little smart. I say a little only because you’d never catch me on a deserted road like that. Just a little peeve I have about night time and long stretches of road! Hudecki as Jacinta is also smart. Knowing there is trouble now that they are a kidnap victim short, that seems the least of her problems when things go thump!

Wan as Suki isn’t thrilled about being kidnapped and is devastated by the loss of her friend. She is the calmest kidnap victim I’ve ever seen! She is also the calmest kidnap victim who isn’t afraid of pretty much anything. In the midst of madness there is a moment of humor that truly made me laugh and you’ll know it when it happens. Don’t ask me for spoilers cuz you won’t get ‘em!

Lim as Kanako is just plain out and out creepy. She didn’t go out easy and she sure as all hell isn’t going to let anybody off that easy either. Hearing that dark growl come out of such a tiny little lady is enough to send me running the other way!

Other cast include: Frank Moore as Mr. Arkadi, Adrienne Kress as Cally’s Girlfriend, Craig Porritt as The Caretaker and Shara Kim as the Demon.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DEVIL’S MILE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. There are several elements that remind me of other horror films BUT that being said I really did like it. The storytelling here is pretty awesome with twists, turns and with the right amount of what I call ‘frakken eerie!’

It’s pretty well known that I’m more of a fan of horror genre when it’s more creaky, creepy and makes me jump. DEVIL’S MILE did all of those things. There is some cgi but it doesn’t take over the entire film. Make the DEVIL’S MILE worth a bucket of popcorn with the lights out and hold on tight!

In the end – three desperate killers, two terrified captives, one wrong turn – and no chance in hell!



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