Out on DVD from directors/writers Jay and Mark Duplass and Fox Searchlight Pictures comes every brother’s nightmare when it comes to the DO-DECA PENTATHLON.

This film tells the story of brothers Mark (Steve Zissis) and Jeremy (Mark Kelly) who, as young kids, created their own 25 Olympic events to crown who would be the better brothers. Years later Mark still has anxiety whenever brother Jeremy’s name is mentioned.

Of course this day is no exception as he, wife Stephanie (Jennifer LaFleur) and son Hunter (Reid Williams) decide to head to Las Vegas for Mark’s birthday. His biggest fear is that Jeremy will find out and intrude, which he absolutely does!

There, at the dinner table, the reasons for the tension is made clear and now the issue must be settled once and for all. In secret the brothers’ make a list of challenges from leg-wrestling to laser-tag no mercy is given!

Brother – it’s on!

FINAL WORD: Zissis is so depressing as Mark, but in a good way. He is the brother that seems most affected by his brother Jeremy. Zissis character is so busy wigging out about his brother that he doesn’t see what’s happening to the family. I enjoyed his portrayal of an obsessed man going through the motions trying to relive one event that changed him so much.

Kelly is hilarious as Jeremy. His character is so laid back and unaffected by brother Mark’s misery. He is the fun brother, fun uncle, son that drives Mom crazy yet, in the end, no one really knows Jeremy. There are moments when Kelly’s face has everything written on it yet no one sees.

La Fleur is wife Stephanie who is losing her mind by the two grown men’s antics. I have to give her props for trying to keep an eye on the boys but her big mistake was trying to be a mother instead of a wife. La Fleur plays it beautifully.

Other cast include: Johanna Ingel as Kate, Noel Wells as The Stripper, Julie Vorus as Alice, Brendan Robinson as Young Mark, Brock Kaufman as Young Jeremy.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DO-DECA PENTATHLON three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a film I would put in my sons stockings at Christmas because I have witnesses something similar to this myself. Every mother with two boys has! It is childish, ridiculous, and a film guys will secretly enjoy and gals need to see if only for educational purposes. Grab some popcorn and get ready to laugh!


The Duplass brothers are considered one of the top contenders for mumblecore to include their movie THE PUFFY CHAIR, BAG HEAD and more recently JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME. Both brothers are credited with having written, directed and produced their films and have a following in the mumblecore movement!

In the end – each one is going for the Gold!



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