Don Matteo: Season 7 & 8

On DVD from MHz Networks is another television series that has captured my attention. Here with Season 7 & 8 is the Italian DON MATTEO.

Set in the town of Gubbio, Father Matteo (Terence Hill) is the local priest who has a talent for solving crimes. A well respected person by everyone in the town, he wants to help everyone of course, but especially those in need.

Captain Flavio Anceschi (Flavio Insinna), is the local law who keeps the criminals in check along with Lt. Cecchini (Nino Frassica). Trying to keep Father Matteo out of precinct business, Cecchini always brings in his best friend the Don! The Captain also has love on his mind when Mayor Laura (Milena Miconi) captures his attention.

There are plenty mysteries in this town and Father Matteo does not hesitate to find the answers – whether the local law wants his help or not!

FINAL WORD: Hill as Father Matteo totally looks and portrays the part. A calm and non-threatening person who has a voice that would get anyone to tell him anything. When the camera pans close ups on his very kind blue eyes it doesn’t surprise me that characters just confess everything (yes, I intended that pun). There is also a demeanor to his character that is subtle in the way he solves crimes.

Insinna as Captain Anceschi is funny, charming, endearing and can throw one-liners so quickly. His physical reaction to things just had me laughing. It’s hard to play the serious role of a Captain and yet still have his charming boyish crush on the Mayor. He also shows his irritation with Father Matteo yet I think secretly he needs the help solving the towns mysteries.

Frassica as Cechini is completely hilarious. He is serious when needs be but the comic side is just perfect. There are moments where he doesn’t have to say a word, just shrugs his shoulders with a look that says more than words ever could.

DON MATTEO Season 7 DVD includes four discs with 637 minutes of storyline. The episodes include The Suitcase, Stolen Love, The Heart’s Somersaults, Kidnapped Children, Mysteries and Lies, Behind the Curtain, Precious Goods, The Gift, The Suspect, and The Laws of Chance.

DON MATTEO Seaon 8 DVD also contains four discs with 656 minutes of storyline. The espisodes include Lonely Hearts, Cows and Cattle, The Baby-Bottle Crime, Three Shots in the Dark, Reckoning with the Past, Bloody Tarot Cards, In the Moonlight, True Fakes, The Last Puzzle, English Tourist, Self-Defense, The Power of a Smile.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give DON MATTEO Seasons 7 & 8 four tubs of popcorn out of five. This series has so much going for it. There are mysteries, murder and secrets to be sure but it’s also got relationships and humor added – which I personally like.

The series has received the 42nd Monte-Carlo Television Festival Award and Don Matteo himself, Terence Hill won for Best Actor. A Best Producer award went to Alessandro Jacchia for the series.

For the complete series go to and you will also be able to browse the other series MHz has to offer. Trust me when I tell you that MHz has some of the most amazing television series available for those who love quality programming.

In the end he’s definetly not your average priest!



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