Therapist advocates largely undiscovered healing method for trauma survivors

CARLSBAD, Calif. — Trauma is a body, mind and spirit event, but so often physicians and therapists overlook the “spirit” part of the equation when treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder clients. Trauma Touch Therapist, Sharron Gleason, a trauma survivor herself, advocates the use of the largely unknown Trauma Touch Therapy™ as a vital, necessary step in the healing process for PTSD clients in her new book, Secrets to Tame a Mystical Dragon.

“Trauma healing is floundering, not complete, and has been in limbo for a very long time creating hopeless victims,” Gleason says. “I hope to break the cycle and mystery of why most people don’t fully recover from trauma by revealing the currently missing link of identifying the deep, root cause: heavy, negative emotions held, unconsciously, in the cells of the body.”

With her new book, Gleason introduces audiences to the idea that Trauma Touch Therapy™ involves the vital process of releasing these negative emotions stored in the body tissue originating from trauma, a method most effective if completed after a trauma survivor has already healed physically and consulted with a psychotherapist for a short amount of time. Gleason brings this largely unknown method of treating PTSD patients to the surface in a comprehensive easy-to-understand way that allows readers to think for themselves and get proper help.

“This is something largely unknown in the healing world and really gives trauma survivors hope and evidence that they CAN fully recover and regain their lost, original selves again,” Gleason says. “Survivors have a right to regain their power, boundaries, joy and vitality and know that it is possible!”

Secrets to Tame a Mystical Dragon by Guinevere Devalon
Hardcover, $33.99
Paperback, $12.99
e-Book, $4.99
ISBN: 9781452553412

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About the author
Sharron Gleason is a trauma touch therapist living in Carlsbad, Calif. She grew up in South Africa and came over to America in 1976 after experiencing a traumatic childhood, an abusive marriage and the infamous Soweto riots. Gleason has worked through 50 years of personal therapy to become a trauma touch therapist, and now, for the first time, she shares this form of therapy in print form.



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