In theaters this week from writer/director Julian Branciforte and Film Buff comes awkward family bonding in “Don’t Worry Baby.”

Robert (John Magaro) is a guy who is wandering through life. No commitment to a relationship and pretty much living off his father Harry (Chris McDonald). Their relationship is strained at best filled with ‘daddy’ issues caused by Harry’s womanizing.

Which brings us to Sara-Beth (Dreanna Walker), a young woman who tells Harry that he may be the father of her young daughter Mason (Rainn Williams). When Robert meets Sara-Beth he realizes that he also slept with her meaning Mason might be his daughter!

Now both father and son agree to take a paternity test to determine who is the little girls’ father. The thing is Harry isn’t about to change his philandering ways but something happens to Robert.

He begins spending time with Mason and Sara-Beth while sharing fatherly time with his own father. Isn’t it interesting how time and an adorable four-year-old can give life new meaning?

Magaro as Robert truly does give this role and interesting journey. He is a man who can’t quite figure out life but then again he didn’t have much of an example. I loved this character more and more when there was interaction between Robert and Mason because that is where Magaro truly shines. There is such a richness and charm that just grew beautifully.

McDonald as Harry just gets to be as sleazy as he wants to be which isn’t surprising considering his wife just goes with the flow. It was hard to take Harry seriously when he wanted to be a ‘father’ to young Mason while being a jealous guy toward his own son. Crazy complexity that will have viewers rooting for one side perhaps a little more than the other.

Walker as Sara-Beth is a woman who wants to not only do right by her daughter but also see what the world offers away from her parents. This actress portrays a journey that is complex but doesn’t count anything out. Well done.

Williams as Mason is so adorable it is ridiculous! Charming, cute and knows what she wants I have to say I just love her.

Other cast include: Tom Lipinski as Lenny, Talia Balsam as Miriam Lang, Britt Lower as Anna, Phil Burke as Marc, Stephen Rowe as Dr. Schnieder and Mckean Rand as Jesse Singleton.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Don’t Worry Baby” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This film brings a smaller cast into a big story but I enjoyed that aspect of it. Keeping it simple and letting the story do the work with a cast that helped me forget they were a cast is fantastic.

This is the kind of film that isn’t drowned out with action, chases; shoot ‘em up, or special effects. Instead we are given the special treat to be a part of a dysfunctional family that is trying to work out their issues — and some of it is comical.

Take a moment this weekend to check out “Don’t Worry Baby” and give yourself over to the madness that is family.

In the end — an interesting meaning to the word “family!”



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