Coming to DVD and VOD from director Stephanie Johnes and Double Time Films comes a look at child play gone total sport with DOUBLETIME.

This film gets into the nitty-gritty of jump roping. Most of us think of it as something we once did as a kid during recess, well this recess activity has gone uber-global! Double Dutch is mostly known as it came to America via Dutch settlers and in the early 80’s it was still street play, as electronics hadn’t totally taken over our lives.

Now jump roping has become a competitive sport that is evolving. With both boys and girls this once simple activity has added aerobics, speed and competition. Director Johnes follows two teams who are deep in competition.

First, The Bouncing Bulldogs, a team from Chapel Hill, North Carolina that are a mainly white, middle class group of kids. Then there is The Double Dutch Forces from Columbia, North Carolina, which is mainly an African American group of kids who are from the inner city.

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