Coming to theaters from director John Goldschmidt and Menemsha Films is an endearing look at life and friendship from the most unlikely places when handling “Dough.”

Widower Nat (Jonathan Pryce) runs the Dayan & Son Bakery bread shop in the same building for more years than the neighborhood can remember. Up early each day, he runs the business catering to his customers

Ayyash (Jerome Holder) is a young man trying to help his mother Safa (Natasha Gordon) makes ends meet. The problem is the way he is doing it isn’t exactly legal. When trouble comes knocking, Safa knows her son must find a job and stay away from his friends.

That’s how Nat and Shaun come together, when Safa learns that Nat is needing someone to help in his shop. Trying to keep his head down and away from the law, Shaun learns the trade of making break. That doesn’t stop him for selling a little marijuana on the side.

After an accident with a bag of week and a mixing bowl of bread, new costumers are running to the store to order more of the amazing bread! Victor Gerrard (Ian Hart) isn’t happy about this since he wants to put Nat out of business. Now he will do everything possible to bring down the happy bakeshop.

When a Jewish Baker and a Muslim boy come together — the world is their bread!

Pryce as Nat is just so absolutely loveable, even for a cranky man. He is set in his ways and when stressed he can lose his dough pretty quick. I can’t help myself, when it comes to Pryce I love his amazing ability to play so many different characters and make each one totally its very own. “Dough” just cements his standing in my book.

Holder as Ayyash gives a stunning performance that should be taken seriously. Here is a young man who brings so much emotion as a young boy trying to find his way in the world, especially coming from Darfur where things were already so very wrong. This young actor not only has comedic timing but the ability to bring out strong emotions from the audience.

Putting these two actors together in this film is a brilliant move and draws the viewer into a story that is both serious and funny at the same time. That’s hard to do but Pryce and Holder do it wonderfully!

Other cast include: Daniel Ben Zenou as Rabbi, Andy de la Tour as Saul Goodwyn, John Voce as Rodney, Daniel Caltagirone as Stephen, Philip Davis as Sam Botton and Pauline Collins as Joanna.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Dough” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I really enjoyed this film on so many levels. It is endearing, smart, funny and well told with a cast bring it home to the heart. Bringing the love of food in the story brings together these two very diverse and different people. That being said what brings people together more than food — especially bread.

Pryce is just amazing as Nat being the grouchy baker who just wants to keep his business going. Not expecting help from come from a young man from Darfur, Ayyash brings in his own grouchiness born out of misplaced anger. These two are perfect for each other and that’s what gives this film the right amount of awesomeness.

In the end — you don’t have to be baked to make some dough!



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